Идиомы на букву F

  • first and foremost
    во-первых, в первую очередь
    First and foremost they decided to build a new house.
  • first come, first served
    первым пришёл - первым обслужили
    "First come, first served," the secretary said to the people waiting for her in the office.
  • first hand
    непосредственно из первых рук
    Ann Bradley learned about her son's serious illness first hand when she spoke to the doctor who was treating him.
  • first love
    первая любовь
    Steve was her first love; she fell in love with him at first sight.
  • first of all
    прежде всего
    "First of all I'd like you to tell me a few words about yourself."
  • first off
    первое, первым делом
    First off the dean told the students about the exact date of their exam.
  • first out of the gate
    первым начать что-либо делать
    That project was very important for Bob, and he was first out of the gate to start it.
  • first past the post
    первым пересечь финишную прямую
    The young skier was first past the post in the skiing marathon.
  • first things first
    в начале самое важное
    My Mum always says "first things first" when she starts doing some work about the house.
  • first-run
    премьера, первый показ
    The first-run of the new movie will take place next week.