Идиомы на букву F

  • follow (someone's) lead
    идти, делать что-либо вслед за кем-то
    "I want you to follow my lead and do exactly what I do."
  • follow in (someone's) footsteps
    следовать чьему-либо примеру, идти по чьим-либо стопам
    "I thought you had followed in your father's footsteps. He was an architect, wasn't he?"
  • follow one's heart
    следовать велению сердца
    "You'd better follow your heart and take the career which you are cut out for."
  • follow one's nose
    идти прямо вперёд, следуя интуиции
    Jim followed his nose until he found the movie theatre.
  • follow orders
    следовать приказу, распоряжению
    The policemen were following orders when they searched every corner of the house.
  • follow suit
    иметь карту такой же масти, поступать также как кто-либо; подражать кому-либо
    "If Jenny is going home early, I think I'll follow suit."
  • follow the crowd
    делать то же, что делает большинство; "плыть по течению"
    "You shouldn't follow the crowd if you really want to become somebody important."
  • follow up (something)
    добавлять что-либо
    That remark was extremely witty; Mark followed it up by another one almost equally good.