Идиомы на букву F

  • fair and impartial
    беспристрастный, справедливый, непредвзятый
    The criminal was taken to court and given a fair and impartial trial.
  • fair and square
    открыто, честно
    The competition was tough, but their team won the game fair and square.
  • fair game
    объект нападения, "лёгкая добыча"
    The company being in a difficult situation was fair game as a takeover target by other companies.
  • fair play
    справедливое, честное отношение к кому-либо, честная игра
    The bank is known for its fair play and is very popular with the clients.
  • fair shake
    обхождение, хорошее отношение
    At the job interview Steve was given a fair shake.
  • fair to middling
    так себе, неважно "серединка на половинку"
    Jeremy was feeling fair to middling after his heart attack.
  • fair-weather friend
    человек, который может быть другом только при благоприятных условиях
    Henry is a fair-weather friend, and I can never rely on him when I have a problem.