Идиомы на букву G

  • get one's fill of (someone or something)
    получить что-либо сполна, иметь достаточно общения с кем-либо
    I have got my fill of his presence and I don't want to see him again.
  • get one's foot in the door
    проникнуть, устроиться
    Olaf got his foot in the door of the pharmaceutical industry and he hopes to be successful.
  • get one's hands on (someone or something)
    найти кого-либо \ что-либо (с трудом)
    Jimmy was trying hard to get his hands on the documents.
  • get one's head above water
    контролировать ситуацию (часто денежные проблемы)
    Peter decided to get his head above water so that he could control the situation in the firm.
  • get one's just deserts
    получить по заслугам
    The accountant was fired for swindling; I think she got her just deserts.
  • get one's knuckles rapped
    получить порицание, наказание за что-либо
    Steve Parson got his knuckles rapped for having violated the traffic rules.
  • get one's money's worth
    получить (деньги) сполна
    Felix got his money's worth when he sold several pictures of old masters at the auction.
  • get one's nose out of (someone's) business
    не лезть не в своё дело
    I told my brother to get his nose out of my business.
  • get one's nose out of (something)
    не ввязываться во что-либо
    Celia wished her cousin would get her nose out of her private affairs.
  • get one's own way
    добиваться своего; делать, как хочется
    Marion is very persistent; she always gets her own way in everything.
  • get one's rear in gear
    поторопиться; "взять руки в ноги"
    "We might be late for the train so let's get our rear in gear."
  • get one's say
    выразить своё мнение, высказаться
    The atmosphere at the meeting was very favorable, and everyone was able to get their say.
  • get one's sea legs
    привыкнуть к чему-либо (например, к движению корабля)
    I couldn't get my sea legs on board the ship for a long time.
  • get one's start
    начать какое-либо дело с нуля
    One of my friends got his start by selling computers.
  • get one's walking papers
    "Come to work in time if you don't want to get your walking papers."
  • get one's wires crossed
    запутать(ся), перепутать
    Wanda got her wires crossed and got off at the wrong station.
  • get oneself into a stew over (someone or something)
    беспокоиться или быть расстроенным из-за кого-либо \ чего-либо
    Mary easily gets herself into a stew over little things that are of no importance.
  • get or become mixed up
    растеряться или запутаться
    The old man becomes mixed up when he tries to use a cell phone.
  • get out from under (someone or something)
    избегать неблагоприятной ситуации
    Sarah would like to get out from under her parents who are always nagging her.
  • get out of (someone's) face
    оставить кого-либо в покое, уйти с глаз долой
    Eva irritates me no end; I wish she would get out of my face.
  • get out of a jam
    освободиться, избавиться от проблемы или от неблагоприятной ситуации
    They managed to get out of a jam only when a new air conditioner was installed.
  • get out of bed on the wrong side
    встать с левой ноги, быть в плохом настроении
    Jim hasn't spoken to any of us all day; he must have gotten out of bed on the wrong side.
  • get out of hand
    выйти из повиновения
    The meeting got out of hand and the police asked the participants to disperse.
  • get out of the way
    уйти с дороги, не мешать
    "Please get out of the way; I am trying to do your bedroom."
  • get over (something)
    преодолеть что-либо; оправиться после болезни
    Vivian didn't quite get over her flu yet.
  • get ready
    "We are going to the country tomorrow so get ready for the trip."
  • get religion
    стать религиозным
    All of a sudden my aunt got religion and started going to church.
  • get rid of (something)
    избавиться от чего-либо
    I avdised him to get rid of his bad habits.
  • get rolling
    "I am leaving, but you should get rolling and try to finish your work today."
  • get serious
    становиться серьёзными и длительными (о взаимоотношениях)
    Peter and Samantha had been dating for a few months before they began to get serious.
  • get set
    быть готовым начать(ся)
    Everything got set for the beginning of the show.
  • get sick
    "Don't walk in the rain; you might get sick."
  • get sidetracked
    отвлечься от какого-либо дела
    My friend dropped in and I got sidetracked in what I was doing.
  • get the ax
    быть уволенным, "вылетить с работы"
    Henry got the ax because he had spoken rudely to his boss.
  • get the ball rolling
    начать что-либо
    "If you want to arrange a homecoming party, let's get the ball rolling."