Идиомы на тему Hand and Arm

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  • in the hands of (someone)
    в руках кого-либо, под контролем
    The court decision of the murder case was in the hands of the jury.
  • iron fist in a velvet glove
    суровость, прикрываемая любезностью, "железная рука в бархатной перчатке"
    The government officials used an iron fist in a velvet glove to settle the conflict.
  • itchy/itching palm
    (быть) нечистым на руку
    The government official was in trouble because he had an itching palm.
  • join hands
    взяться за руки
    "I would like all those present to join hands and say the prayer."
  • keep one's finger's crossed
    желать удачи, скрестить пальцы на удачу
    I wanted my friend to keep his fingers crossed while I was at a job interview.
  • keep one's hand in (something)
    продолжать заниматься чем-либо, сохранять контроль над чем-либо
    Jeremy wanted to keep his hand in so that he could have the feel of the market.
  • keep one's hands off (someone or something)
    не трогать кого-либо или не брать руками что-либо
    My mother asked me to keep my hands off the ice-cream.
  • know (someone or something) like the back/palm of one's hand
    знать кого-либо \ что-либо как свои пять пальцев
    Sheila knew the material for the test like the palm of her hand.
  • lay a finger on (someone or something)
    трогать руками кого-либо \ что-либо
    My Mom told me not to lay a finger on the valuable vase because it can be easily broken.
  • lay one's hands on (someone or something)
    найти, завладеть кем-либо \ чем-либо, прибрать к рукам
    "If I can lay my hands on a screwdriver, I'll fix your iron."
  • leave (someone or something) in (someone's) hands
    предоставить кому-либо право делать, контролировать что-либо
    Jerome left the packing in his friends' hands.
  • lend (someone) a hand
    помочь кому-либо, протянуть руку помощи
    I was going to move to a new apartment and asked my friend to lend me a hand with the packing.
  • lift/raise a finger/hand
    (не) пошевелить пальцем, чтобы помочь (кому-либо)
    Sue will never lift a finger to help her parents.
  • live from hand to mouth
    жить впроголодь, с трудом перебиваться
    Steven had neither work nor home and was living from hand to mouth.
  • long arm of the law
    неизбежное наказание, "у закона длинные руки"
    No matter where a criminal is he will be found and punished due to the long arm of the law.
  • lose one's grip
    потерять опору, сорваться
    Miranda must have lost her grip and fell down from the cliff.
  • Many hands make light work
    Когда рук много, работа спорится.
    Many hands make light work and lots of people helped clean the town after the hurricane.
  • near at hand
    близко, под рукой
    When I repair something, I prefer my tools to be near at hand.
  • off one's hands
    (сбыть) с рук, избавиться
    Jeremy managed to sell his old car and was happy to get it off his hands.
  • on the one hand
    с одной стороны
    Jim has a very contradictory nature. On the one hand he is ambitious on the other hand he is shy.
  • on the other hand
    с другой стороны
    David is not very intelligent, but on the other hand he is the most hard-working guy I have ever met.
  • one's hands are tied
    (чьи-либо) руки связаны
    Larry's hands were tied at that time, and he could do nothing to help me.
  • out of hand
    (выйти) из-под контроля
    The situation with the ransom money suddenly got out of hand and the police didn't know what to do.
  • palm off (something)
    всучить, подсунуть что-либо (как ценность), сбыть с рук при помощи обмана
    Lloyd tried to palm his old computer off on me as one that was new.
  • pay (someone) a back-handed/left-handed compliment
    отвесить сомнительный комплимент кому-либо
    I didn't mean to pay Sara a back-handed compliment when I told her how well she looked.
  • pay an arm and a leg (for something)
    заплатить кучу денег за что-либо
    They paid an arm and a leg for their new house.
  • play into (someone's) hands
    играть на руку кому-либо
    Fate played into Tim's hands and he got what he was craving for.
  • point the finger (of blame) at (someone)
    винить кого-либо в чём-либо, "указать пальцем на кого-либо"
    "I don't wish to point the finger of blame at Mark, but I am sure that he is the guilty person."
  • put one's finger on (something)
    обнаруживать точное местонахождение чего-либо
    Sandra was not able to put her finger on the exact place where she had lost her purse.
  • put one's hand to the plow
    взяться за трудное дело
    Stella put her hand to the plow in order to clean the whole house.
  • put one's hands on (something)
    завладеть чем-либо
    I would like to put my hands on a good computer.
  • put/lay the finger on (someone)
    обвинить кого-либо, опознавать виновного
    Norman put the finger on the drug dealer who had sold him heroin outside the disco club.
  • putty in (someone's) hands
    легко поддаваться чьему-либо влиянию, быть как воск в чьих-либо руках
    Kelly is very naLve and trustful; she is like putty in people's hands.
  • raise a hand
    пошевелить рукой (чтобы помочь), делать часть работы
    Jordan didn't raise a hand to do his share of the work, so I had to do everything all by myself.
  • rap (someone's) knuckles
    высказать порицание кому-либо
    My boss rapped my knuckles for taking long coffee breaks.