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  • read the handwriting on the wall
    предвидеть что-либо (подмечая детали и намёки)
    I could easily read the handwriting on the wall, and I knew beforehand what was going to happen to our firm.
  • receive (someone) with open arms
    встретить кого-либо с распростертыми объятиями
    When my friends came to visit us, we welcomed them with open arms.
  • right hand does not know what the left hand is doing
    правая рука не знает, что делает левая, отсутствие согласованности
    I am sorry to say but there isn't any appropriate communication in the company that's why the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing.
  • rub elbows (with someone)
    тесно общаться с кем-либо, работать вместе
    I am a manager, and at work I rub elbows with a lot of people.
  • rule (someone) with an iron fist
    управлять кем-либо железной рукой
    Mr. Domby ruled his household with an iron fist.
  • rule of thumb
    общепринятое правило; образец, модель
    It is a rule of thumb that if a fire alarm sounds, it's necessary to call 911.
  • shake hands on (something)
    пожать руки (в знак взаимного согласия)
    They shook hands on the agreement that they would coordinate their actions.
  • shake hands with (someone)
    пожать руки в знак приветствия
    Chan shook hands with his friend when he met him outside the office.
  • shot in the arm
    прилив энергии
    I did a lot of work yesterday probably because of a shot in the arm.
  • show of hands
    открытое голосование, голосование поднятием рук
    It was proposed that we vote by a show of hands.
  • sit on its/their hands
    скупо аплодировать, встречать жидкими аплодисментами
    The performance of the clown was very poor, and the audience in the circus sat on their hands.
  • sit on one's hands
    сидеть сложа руки, бездействовать
    I sat on my hands and watched the other members of the family clean the living-room.
  • slap on the wrist
    легкое наказание, шлепок по руке
    Bobby received a slap on the wrist for having told his mother a lie.
  • slip through (someone's) fingers
    упустить возможность, просочиться у кого-либо между пальцев
    Sally had a very good opportunity of getting a good job, but she let it slip through her fingers.
  • someone's fingerprints are on (something)
    оставить следы (отпечатки пальцев) на чём-либо
    The criminal's fingerprints were on everything in the room; he had not been very careful.
  • stick out like a sore thumb
    выделяться, быть хорошо видным
    "Don't you think you will stick out like a sore thumb if you put on this absurd attire?"
  • sticky fingers
    склонность к воровству
    Little Bobby has sticky fingers, and his mother watches him all the time.
  • take (someone or something) in hand
    взять в свои руки, пытаться контролировать кого-либо \ что-либо
    When disorders began, the police quickly took the situation in hand.
  • take (someone or something) off (someone's) hands
    избавить от кого-либо \ чего-либо
    "Can you possibly take this problem off my hands?"
  • take a hand in (something)
    принять участие в чём-либо
    I'd like to take a hand in arranging a homecoming ball at school.
  • take the law into one's own hands
    расправиться без суда, пытаться отправлять правосудие самому
    Ned decided to take the law into his own hands and avenge himself on his offender.
  • throw one's hands up in horror
    быть потрясённым, ужаснуться
    When Madge saw her beautiful garden destroyed by the flood, she threw her hands up in horror.
  • throw up one's hands (in despair/frustration)
    возвести руки вверх в порыве отчаяния или разочарования
    I threw my hands up in despair; I didn't know whom to turn for help.
  • thumb/hitch a ride
    путешествовать (бесплатно) на попутных машинах
    Martin and Jimmy, who were hitch-hiking, thumbed a lift to the nearest town.
  • thumb/leaf through (something)
    листать что-либо (книгу, журнал)
    Steve absent-mindedly thumbed through a News Week magazine while he was waiting for me.
  • thumbnail sketch
    краткое описание кого-либо \чего-либо
    All the books of this author include a thumbnail sketch of the plot.
  • thumbs up on (someone or something)
    одобрять что-либо или чьи-либо действия
    We were very pleased that everybody had voted thumbs up on our project.
  • tie (someone's) hands
    мешать, связать кому-либо руки
    Mr. Brown hoped his son would not quit school, but his hands were tied; Jim was old enough to decide it himself.
  • to be in hand
    под контролем
    During the demonstration the police had the situation with the crowd in hand.
  • to be on hand
    (быть) в наличии, в распоряжении, имеющийся налицо
    The shop has a large stock of clothes on hand.
  • try one's hand (at something)
    попробовать свои силы в чём-либо
    I am going to try my hand at poker tonight.
  • turn one's hand to (something)
    взяться за что-либо (отличное оттого, что делали ранее)
    After Mark finished writing a thriller, he turned his hand to screen plays.
  • turn thumbs down (on something)
    не одобрить или отклонить что-либо
    Everyone turned thumbs down on his suggestion to sell the company.
  • twiddle one's thumbs
    бездельничать; сидеть, сложа руки
    I've got to be busy. I can't sit down and twiddle my thumbs.
  • twist (someone's) arm
    силой заставлять кого-либо (делать что-либо)
    I often have to twist my son's arm to make him eat properly.