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  • all hands on deck
    совместная работа
    Ms. Parker called for all hands on deck because there was a lot of work to do about the house.
  • all thumbs
    неуклюжий, неловкий (человек); "руки-крюки"
    Jenny is all thumbs; she often breaks dishes while washing up.
  • arm in arm
    (идти) под руку, рука об руку
    John and Mary were walking along the street arm in arm.
  • armpit of (somewhere)
    самое плохое место в округе
    This residential quarter is the armpit of the city, and nobody wants to live there.
  • at hand
    близко, под рукой
    There was no dictionary at hand, so I didn't look up the new words.
  • at one's fingertips
    (знать) как свои пять пальцев
    John has all the facts and figures at his fingertips.
  • at the hands of (someone or something)
    со стороны кого-либо \ чего-либо, от руки кого-либо
    I am sure the woman deserves better life at the hands of Fate.
  • bite one's nails
    нервничать, грызть ногти
    I was biting my nails as I waited for the results of the test.
  • bite the hand that feeds (someone)
    платить чёрной неблагодарностью; кусать руку, которая тебя кормит
    Henry is rude to his parents who pay for his education. I think he bites the hand that feeds him.
  • bound hand and foot
    быть связанным по рукам и ногам
    Three family members were bound hand and foot by a stranger who into their apartment last night.
  • burn one's fingers
    обжечься на чём-либо
    Jeffrey Archer burned his fingers having invested into a Canadian company which went bankrupt.
  • by the handful
    There were a lot of wild berries in the forest and we picked them by the handful.
  • cannot see one's hand in front of one's face
    не видеть ни зги, ничего не видеть на расстоянии вытянутой руки
    The fog was so thick that I could not see my hands in front of my face.
  • caught with one's hand in the cookie jar
    быть пойманным с поличным
    The girl was caught with her hand in the cookie jar when the manager saw her stealing office supplies.
  • change hands
    перейти из рук в руки
    The small cafe has changed hands many times since it was opened two years ago.
  • close at hand
    имеющийся под рукой, близко
    There were no shops close at hand, and I had to go downtown to do the shopping.
  • closefisted (with money)
    скупой, жадный
    My aunt Aurora is very closefisted with money.
  • come/go away empty-handed
    придти \ уйти с пустыми руками
    I wanted to buy an English-English dictionary but went away empty -handed.
  • control (someone) with an iron fist
    строго контролировать кого-либо
    The teacher controlled the students with an iron fist.
  • cost an arm and a leg
    стоить много денег
    Though our new house cost an arm and a leg it is worth every cent; it is big and comfortable.
  • cross (someone's) palm with silver
    заплатить деньги кому-либо за услугу, "посеребрить ручку"
    I crossed the taxi driver's palm with silver to take me to the airport as soon as possible.
  • cross one's fingers
    скрещивать пальцы в надежде на везение
    Jenny crossed her fingers that she would get a promotion.
  • dirty one's hands
    замарать своё имя постыдным поступком
    Mr. Copperfield dirtied his hands when he became involved in a car fraud.
  • dismiss/reject (something) out of hand
    отклонять; отметать что-либо, не задумываясь
    The supervisor dismissed the employees' requests for a salary rise out of hand.
  • do (something) by hand
    делать что-либо вручную
    In the past almost all household jobs were done by hand.
  • eat out of (someone's) hand
    беспрекословно слушаться кого-либо
    "I am not going to eat out of your hand and to do everything what you want me to."
  • elbow (someone) out of (something)
    вытолкнуть кого-либо из чего-либо, прокладывать себе путь локтями
    Janet got promotion by elbowing many of her colleagues out of the way.
  • everything one can lay/get his or her hands on
    всё, что можно найти; всё, что попало под руку
    They used everything they could lay their hands on to build a small shed in the back yard.
  • fall/get into the wrong hands
    попасть в плохие руки
    I want you to be very careful lest these important documents should fall into the wrong hands.
  • firm hand
    твёрдая рука
    The governor ruled the province with a firm hand.
  • first hand
    непосредственно из первых рук
    Ann Bradley learned about her son's serious illness first hand when she spoke to the doctor who was treating him.
  • fold one's hands
    сложить руки, бездействовать, "палец о палец не ударить"
    Dora folded her hands and watched her husband quietly while he was trying to fix the car.
  • from hand to hand
    из рук в руки
    They passed the leaflets from hand to hand, so that everybody could read them.
  • get one's hands on (someone or something)
    найти кого-либо \ что-либо (с трудом)
    Jimmy was trying hard to get his hands on the documents.
  • get out of hand
    выйти из повиновения
    The meeting got out of hand and the police asked the participants to disperse.