Идиомы на букву I

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  • in the trust of (someone)
    под ответственность кого-либо
    The papers were left in the trust of the secretary.
  • in the twinkling of an eye
    очень быстро, "в мгновение ока"
    We gathered our belongings in the twinkling of an eye and went off running with the best will in the world.
  • in the unlikely event of/that
    в случае если не; если так сложатся обстоятельства
    In the unlikely event that I won't be able to buy a flight to St. Petersburg, I'll go by train.
  • in the wake of (something)
    по пятам, по следам, позади чего-либо
    The children were following obediently but not too enthusiastically in the wake of a big cart.
  • in the way of (something)
    в виде, в качестве чего-либо
    Kim was given a certain sum of money in the way of compensating for extra work hours.
  • in the wind
    происходящий или могущий произойти, "носится в воздухе"
    Sam was the first to report that something connected with the North Side Company was in the wind.
  • in the works
    в процессе подготовки, запланировано
    The construction of a new bridge was in the works.
  • in the worst way
    очень, крайне, чрезвычайно
    Cora would like to see the new performance in the worst way.
  • in the wrong
    (быть) не правым
    In attacking a little, Steve was plainly in the wrong.
  • in the wrong place at the wrong time
    не в том месте, не в то время
    The man in the boat was in the wrong place at the wrong time when the storm hit him.
  • in theory
    In theory it is possible to build a huge atomic reactor, but in practice it is almost impossible.
  • in this day and age
    сейчас, в настоящее время
    In this day and age it is next to impossible to find plain sweaters as they have gone out of fashion.
  • in time
    во-время, без опоздания
    "I want you to come home in time so that we may have dinner together."
  • in times past
    давным-давно, в прошлом
    In times past a lot of people lived in small one-storey houses.
  • in top form
    в отличной (физической) форме
    The figure skaters were in top form during the world championship.
  • in touch
    в контакте
    Martha and Margaret have been in touch since they studied in high school.
  • in tow
    на буксире
    A small car was in tow of a big trailer.
  • in transit
    The goods were being in transit when there was a truck accident.
  • in trouble
    в трудной ситуации
    Simon was in trouble because he had been stealing clothes from the shop.
  • in trouble with the law
    не в ладу с законом
    When Simon was a teenager, he was often in trouble with the law.
  • in trust of (someone)
    под чью-либо ответственность
    At his death Mr. Arnolds left all his property to his nephew in trust of the boy's mother.
  • in tune
    в согласии
    Sam and Sarah have been in tune with each other ever since they started going out.
  • in turn
    по очереди
    The children were washing the dishes and doing their room in turn.
  • in two minds about (something)
    колебаться, быть в нерешительности из-за чего-либо
    I am in two minds about changing my present job.
  • in two shakes of a lamb's tail
    очень быстро
    "Please, wait for me. I'll be back in two shakes of a lamb's tail."
  • in unison
    в унисон
    The children were not singing in unison, and the teacher was upset.
  • in vain
    I tried in vain to persuade my friend to join our health club.
  • in view of
    на виду у
    The speaker was in full view of the crowd.
  • in with
    быть связанным с
    Bob was in with the wrong group of people when he studied in high school.
  • in/have custody of (someone or something)
    (быть) под охраной, заключение под стражу
    Alan was mentally sick that's why he was placed in custody of the mental hospital.
  • inch along
    медленно продвигаться
    To get to the other side of the road I had to inch along as the crowd was very thick.
  • inch by inch
    понемногу, мало-помалу
    Inch by inch the wounded animal crawled away.
  • inclined to (do something)
    быть расположенным \ быть склонным делать что-либо
    "I am not inclined to let you do it."
  • incumbent upon (someone) to (do something)
    являющийся обязательным для кого-либо чтобы делать что-либо
    It is incumbent upon every teacher to try and keep the pupils in hand.
  • ins and outs of (something)
    все детали чего-либо
    Doris is a skilled worker; she knows all the ins and outs of her profession.