Идиомы на букву I

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  • in a mad rush
    в бешенном темпе, в спешке
    Sylvester is always in such a mad rush that he never thinks of anything.
  • in a month of Sundays
    в течение очень долгого времени
    "Upon my word, I haven't talked so much in a month of Sundays."
  • in a nutshell
    "I'd like you to tell me your problem in a nutshell."
  • in a pickle/in a pretty pickle
    в полном беспорядке, "всё вверх дном", в плачевном состоянии
    The one in a pickle is the one to tickle.
  • in a pig's eye
    ни коим образом, никогда
    "Would I marry Tom? In a pig's eye!"
  • in a pinch
    подойдёт, когда ничего другого нет; в случае нужды
    This frying pan will do in a pinch if you don't have a better one.
  • in a positive frame of mind
    в хорошем расположении духа
    David has been in a positive frame of mind all day.
  • in a quandary
    в сомнении, находящийся в нерешительности
    Jacob was in a quandary whether to trust the man or not.
  • in a rush
    впопыхах, торопливо
    It's not worth doing anything in a rush.
  • in a rut
    рутина, однообразная работа
    Samantha has been doing the same job for six years, and she feels that she is in a rut.
  • in a sense
    в некотором смысле \ роде
    "In a sense I can admit that you are a better tennis player than I am."
  • in a snit
    в припадке гнева или раздражения
    My teacher was in a snit because I had missed a lot of classes.
  • in a split second
    в долю секунды
    It happened so quickly, in a split second in fact, that I couldn't prevent him from falling down.
  • in a spot
    в трудном положении, в неловкой ситуации
    Tina was in a spot because her parents had refused to pay her living expenses.
  • in a stew about/over (someone or something)
    волноваться, беспокоиться о ком-либо \ о чём-либо; "быть как на иголках"
    Sam's mother was in a stew about her son because he wasn't doing very well at school.
  • in a stupor
    в оцепенении, в ступоре
    David sat in a stupor, staring fixedly at the wall.
  • in a tizzy
    в возбужденном состоянии, в замешательстве
    On the Eve of Christmas the children were in a tizzy; they thought of the presents that awaited them.
  • in a way
    в некотором смысле, до известной степени
    He was a big, strong man, and many women must have liked him. Sarah liked him too, in a way.
  • in a word
    одним словом
    In a word, Peter was impatiently waiting for a promotion.
  • in a world of one's own
    в глубокой задумчивости, в своём собственном мире
    Lionel was in a world of his own, paying no attention to what was going on around him.
  • in abeyance
    временная отмена, временное бездействие
    The law was in abeyance while the congressmen looked at it in more detail.
  • in absentia
    в отсутствие
    As Simon had missed court sessions several times, the judge sentenced him in absentia.
  • in accordance with (something)
    в соответствии с чем-либо
    In accordance with the law people are not to trespass private property.
  • in addition to (something)
    в дополнение к чему-либо
    In addition to a semi-detached house in town she has a cottage in the country.
  • in advance
    "You'd better reserve the tickets in advance so that you may get a good seat in the auditorium."
  • in agreement
    быть согласным, в согласии
    All the members of the family are in agreement as to the purchase of a new TV set.
  • in all one's born days
    за всю свою жизнь
    In all her born days she has never seen such a beautiful view.
  • in all probability
    весьма вероятно
    In all probability I won't be able to join you for the trip to the Alps next month.
  • in and of itself
    принимать во внимание одно (обстоятельство)
    In and of itself, there is no problem of having a lot of people in this small shop. However, the fire regulations won't allow it.
  • in and out
    то появляться, то уходить \ исчезать; внутри и снаружи
    The secretary was in and out of the office all day.
  • in any case/event
    в любом случае
    I may not be able to see you next week, but in any case I will leave the papers with the secretary.
  • in arms
    готовый бороться, вооружённый
    The miners were in arms when they learnt that several mines would be closed soon.
  • in arrears
    не уплаченный во время, просроченный платёж
    Mark has been in arrears with his rent payments lately.
  • in awe of (someone or something)
    благоговейный страх перед кем-либо \ чем-либо
    All the workers were in awe of the Company President who came to visit the plant.
  • in bad faith
    с нечестными намерениями
    Jack Robinson was bargaining in bad faith when he tried to sell a computer to me.