Идиомы на тему Money

  • cash in (something)
    обменять что-либо (купоны, облигации) на наличные деньги
    I went to the bank to cash in a large number of my savings bonds in order to get some money to buy a condominium.
  • cash in on (something)
    зарабатывать на чём-либо
    A famous pop singer cashed in on her popularity in order to open a night club.
  • cash on the barrelhead
    (платить) наличными деньгами
    I paid the salesman cash on the barrelhead for the second-hand furniture.
  • cash-and-carry
    оплата покупки наличными
    In a cash-and-carry store goods are usually sold at lower prices.
  • cold hard cash
    наличные (монеты, банкноты)
    Mr. Ackroyd bought a new car and paid cold hard cash for it.
  • strapped for cash
    не хватать денег, иметь мало денег
    I couldn't buy the dress I wanted because I was strapped for cash.