Идиомы на тему Money

  • above par
    выше номинала
    The stocks were selling above par at the stock exchange that day.
  • almighty dollar
    всемогущий доллар
    Tom thinks that money is more important than anything else, and he spends his life chasing the almighty dollar.
  • as phony as a three-dollar bill
    фальшивый, поддельный (как трёхдолларовая купюра)
    The woman, who was raising money for a children's playground, seemed to be as phony as a three-dollar bill.
  • as sound as a dollar
    надёжный как доллар
    My father's company is very secure and dependable; in fact it is as sound as a dollar.
  • at a premium
    более высокая цена (за уникальность)
    The tickets for the first night performance were selling at a premium.
  • at all costs
    любой ценой
    He was determined to secure his treasures at all costs.
  • balance the books/accounts
    подводить баланс
    The job of an accountant is to balance the books of his company.
  • below par
    ниже номинальной стоимости
    The bonds of the oil company were selling at a price that was below par.
  • bet one's bottom dollar
    быть совершенно уверенным в чем-либо
    Aleck could bet his bottom dollar that his baseball team would win the game.
  • beyond one's means
    (жить) не по средствам
    This expensive cottage is very much beyond their means.
  • bottom dollar
    последние деньги, последний доллар
    I needed a computer badly, and I had to spend my bottom dollar to get it.
  • break the bank
    сорвать банк (выиграть все деньги в казино за игровым столом)
    The man in the casino broke the bank by winning all the money at a gambling table.
  • buy (something) for a song
    купить что-либо очень дёшево, "купить за пятак"
    It's a very cheap house; we practically bought it for a song.
  • by check
    (расплатиться) чеком
    Marion paid for her purchases by check.
  • can take (something) to the bank
    что-либо, гарантирующее успех
    I am sure that we can very well take the new business project to the bank.
  • cash in (something)
    обменять что-либо (купоны, облигации) на наличные деньги
    I went to the bank to cash in a large number of my savings bonds in order to get some money to buy a condominium.
  • cash in on (something)
    зарабатывать на чём-либо
    A famous pop singer cashed in on her popularity in order to open a night club.
  • cash on the barrelhead
    (платить) наличными деньгами
    I paid the salesman cash on the barrelhead for the second-hand furniture.
  • cash-and-carry
    оплата покупки наличными
    In a cash-and-carry store goods are usually sold at lower prices.
  • caught short
    (не иметь) необходимое количество денег
    Vivian was caught short and had to get a loan from a bank to pay her living expenses.
  • cheapskate
    Ron is a regular cheapskate; he hates spending money on books.
  • chip in (money)
    вносить деньги, платить в складчину
    My friends and I decided to chip in some money to buy a birthday present for Lucy.
  • chisel (someone) out of (something)
    вымогать у кого-либо что-либо
    A group of racketeers was chiseling small businesses out of their money.
  • clean up
    получить кучу денег
    Joshua cleaned up at the state lottery last month.
  • cold hard cash
    наличные (монеты, банкноты)
    Mr. Ackroyd bought a new car and paid cold hard cash for it.
  • control the purse strings
    контролировать расход денег (в семье)
    My mother-in-law didn't earn money, but she controlled the purse strings in the family.
  • cook the books
    составлять поддельный счёт, жульничать в расчётах
    They fired the accountant because he was cooking the books.
  • cost a pretty penny
    стоить много денег, "влететь в копеечку"
    Last year we did up all the rooms in the house and it cost us a pretty penny.
  • cut (someone) a check
    выписать кому-либо чек
    They cut the plumber a check for the work that he had done.
  • cut (someone) off without a penny
    оставить кого-либо без копейки, лишать наследства
    Martha was determined to file for a divorce, but her husband threatened to cut her off without a penny.
  • cut-rate
    сниженная цена
    Kevin's brother bought a cut-rate computer at the second-hand store.
  • deadbeat
    человек, уклоняющийся от уплаты долгов
    My neighbor Rick Brown is a regular deadbeat; he never pays his debts.
  • dime a dozen
    небольшая ценность чего-либо, "грош цена"
    Tim bought a few used magazines; they were a dime a dozen.
  • dirt cheap
    очень дёшево
    The jeans Jim bought were dirt cheap and looked accordingly.
  • dollar for dollar
    принимая во внимание стоимость
    Dollar for dollar, going to the Swiss Alps for a holiday is a good deal.