Идиомы на тему Money

  • get one's money's worth
    получить (деньги) сполна
    Felix got his money's worth when he sold several pictures of old masters at the auction.
  • not worth a dime/cent
    (не) стоить ни гроша
    The house is falling to pieces and is not worth a cent.
  • put in one's two cents (worth)
    высказать своё мнение, свои соображения
    Nobody ever pays any attention to Marion when she tries to put in her two cents.
  • two cents (worth)
    мнение (о котором не спрашивают)
    The boys were talking about tennis, and Hilda put in her two cents worth, even though she didn't know much about tennis.
  • worth its weight in gold
    очень ценный
    The advice of my father is always worth its weight in gold.