Идиомы на тему Money

  • by check
    (расплатиться) чеком
    Marion paid for her purchases by check.
  • cut (someone) a check
    выписать кому-либо чек
    They cut the plumber a check for the work that he had done.
  • give (someone) a blank check
    предоставить кому-либо полную свободу действий
    The government gave the Minister of Education a blank check to improve the situation.
  • honor (someone's) check
    принять чей-либо чек
    At the supermarket they didn't honor my check and I was very upset.
  • make a check out to (someone)
    выписать чек кому-либо
    The volunteers were raising money for the new animal shelter and I made a check out to them.