• cost a pretty penny
    стоить много денег, "влететь в копеечку"
    Last year we did up all the rooms in the house and it cost us a pretty penny.
  • cut (someone) off without a penny
    оставить кого-либо без копейки, лишать наследства
    Martha was determined to file for a divorce, but her husband threatened to cut her off without a penny.
  • pennies from heaven
    деньги, которые вы не ожидали получить
    The bonus that I received from the company was like pennies from heaven.
  • penny for one's thoughts
    О чём это вы задумались?
    "A penny for your thoughts," Jim said. "My thoughts are not worth anything because I was thinking of you," Wanda replied.
  • penny saved is a penny earned
    пенни сбережённое – всё равно, что заработанное, "копейка рубль бережёт"
    "It's easier to spend money than to earn it. But you should remember 'A penny saved is a penny earned'."
  • penny-wise and pound foolish
    экономный в мелочах и расточительный в крупном
    They had no penny-wise and pound-foolish policy in their company.
  • pinch pennies
    быть экономным, бережливым, "считать копейки"
    Wanda pinches pennies not because she is thrifty, but because she earns very little.