Идиомы на тему Money

  • He who pays the piper calls the tune
    тот кто платит, тот и распоряжается
    He who pays the piper calls the tune, so it is for the owner of the cafe to decide who will work there and who won't.
  • hit pay dirt
    обнаружить что-либо ценное
    Gloria hit pay dirt while looking through the things in the garret.
  • pay a king's ransom (for something)
    заплатить огромные деньги за что-либо
    I am not going to pay a king's ransom for this used car.
  • pay as you go
    платить по мере выставления счёта или получения товара
    The shop was forced to pay as they go when the bank refused to give them another loan.
  • pay in advance
    платить заранее, (предоплата)
    I registered at the hotel and paid in advance for a single room.
  • pay off (someone)
    давать кому-либо взятку, откупиться
    The shopkeeper had to pay off a gang of racketeers who were squeezing money from him.
  • pay off (something)
    расплатиться с чем-либо (с долгами)
    Lorna had serious intentions to pay off every debt.
  • pay one's own way
    оплатить расходы самому
    In order to pay my own way during college, I had to get a loan in the bank.
  • pay the piper
    расплачиваться (за плохие или неправильные действия)
    Joe acted quite insensibly and now he has to pay the piper for his wrong doings.
  • pay up
    (срочно) расплатиться
    George lost a small fortune playing poker and his poor wife had to pay up.
  • payoff
    The deputy mayor received a handsome sum of money as a payoff.