Идиомы на тему Mouth and Teeth

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  • armed to the teeth
    вооружен до зубов
    The police stopped a car. The man in the car was armed to the teeth.
  • as scarce as hen's teeth
    редко встречающийся или не существующий
    In summer cheap hotels everywhere are as scarce as hen's teeth.
  • bad-mouth (someone or something)
    оговаривать кого-то, отзываться плохо о ком-либо \ чём-либо
    Their neighbor Mr. Cannon is a mean person; he has the habit of bad-mouthing everybody.
  • bigmouth
    шумный, хвастливый и глупый собеседник, говорун
    Nora Dales is a bigmouth and I hate talking with her.
  • bite one's tongue
    прикусить (себе) язык, не проговориться
    I'd rather bite my tongue than tell my parents about my problem.
  • button one's lip
    замолчать, прикусить язык
    "I'd rather you buttoned up your lip; I don't want other people to know about our problems."
  • by the skin of one's teeth
    чудом, едва-едва, еле-еле
    The team won the game by the skin of their teeth.
  • by word of mouth
    устно, на словах
    I don't want to write to them; I'd rather you did it by word of mouth.
  • cause tongues to wag
    дать пищу для сплетен
    Kelly likes to shock people and it gives her pleasure to cause tongues to wag.
  • chew (someone) out
    порицать, ругать кого-либо
    The dean is chewing out the students who have missed a lot of classes.
  • chew the fat/rag
    болтать, молоть языком
    The women sitting on a bench in the park were chewing the fat.
  • cough (something) up
    добыть, наскрести что-либо
    Jan could hardly cough up some money for a single ticket to New-York.
  • cut one's (own) throat
    сделать что-либо во вред себе, перерезать себе горло
    "If you quit your job, you'll cut your own throat."
  • cut one's eyeteeth on (something)
    начать что-либо делать ещё в раннем детстве
    Selma cut her eyeteeth on acting and now she is a great actress.
  • down in the mouth
    (быть) подавленным, несчастным
    I felt sorry for Felicity; she looked so down in the mouth.
  • fight tooth and nail
    драться, бороться изо всех сил
    The boy was fighting tooth and nail to get his toys back from another boy.
  • find one's tongue
    найтись, что сказать
    I was so mad at Tina that I couldn't find my tongue.
  • foam at the mouth
    быть в бешенстве, "метать громы и молнии"
    Old Simpson foamed at the mouth when he understood that we had lied to him.
  • give (someone) a tongue-lashing
    ругать кого-либо, распекать
    Ms. Rotenberg gave her son a tongue-lashing when she learnt about his bad behavior at school.
  • give voice to (something)
    выразить словами что-либо
    Vivian gave voice to her feelings about the new venture.
  • gnash one's teeth
    скрежетать зубами
    The wound was very painful, and the man gnashed his teeth.
  • grit one's teeth
    сжать зубы
    My father didn't give me the money I asked for, so I grit my teeth and left the house.
  • guard one's tongue
    быть осторожным в высказываниях
    Sally never guards her tongue when she speaks to people that's why nobody likes her.
  • have a big mouth
    болтун, сплетник
    "Don't trust Lily and never tell her any secrets; she has a big mouth."
  • have a say/voice (in something)
    принимать участие в принятии решения, "иметь голос" в чём-либо
    The Teachers' Union wanted to have a say in discussing teachers' employment.
  • hold one's tongue
    промолчать, "придержать язык"
    "If my father asks you about me, please hold your tongue."
  • keep a civil tongue
    вежливо, учтиво говорить; избегать грубостей
    The patient was warned to keep a civil tongue when talking to the doctor.
  • keep a stiff upper lip
    не терять мужества, не падать духом, не вешать носа, держаться молодцом
    "I want you to keep a stiff upper lip whatever happens."
  • keep one's mouth shut
    помалкивать, "держать язык за зубами",
    "If you have nothing to say, then keep your mouth shut and don't interrupt."
  • laugh out of the other side of one's mouth
    приуныть после веселья, от смеха перейти к слезам
    Sloan got a ticket for parking his car in the wrong place and was laughing out of the other side of his mouth.
  • leave a bad taste in one's mouth
    оставить плохое впечатление, внушать отвращение
    The way he spoke at the meeting left a bad taste in my mouth.
  • lick one's chops
    предвкушать, облизываться
    Martha saw her favorite dish on the platter and began to lick hers chops.
  • lick one's lips
    предвкушать удовольствие
    Sue licked her lips when she thought about her trip to Norway next week.
  • lie through one's teeth
    врать напропалую
    It is customary for Lorna to lie through her teeth in order to get what she wants.
  • like pulling teeth
    очень трудно (делать)
    It was like pulling teeth to clean the mess in my brother's bedroom.