Идиомы на тему Numbers

  • do a number on (someone or something)
    повредить что-либо, обидеть кого-либо
    "I am sorry; I didn't mean to do a number on you."
  • get (someone's) number
    составить мнение о ком-либо, "раскусить человека"
    Santana and Kim got their new roommate's number pretty soon.
  • have (someone's) number
    знать, иметь чей-либо номер телефона
    "Do you have Mike's number?" - "No, but I'll get it for you."
  • look after number one
    заботится только о себе, о своих интересах
    Hanna is very selfish; she only looks after number one, and she never helps other people.
  • number of (things or people)
    какое-то (неопределённое) число вещей или людей
    There are a number of things Tim is going to do on the weekend.
  • number one
    собственная персона, собственное "я"
    "I am speaking about myself; after all number one is what I know most about."
  • one's days are numbered
    чьи-либо дни сочтены
    I think Steve's days at work are numbered; he had been very rude to the customers and they complained.
  • one's lucky number comes up
    кому-либо выпадает счастье, удача
    At last Felicity's lucky number came up; she was able to find a well-paid job.
  • one's number is up
    с кем-либо произойдёт что-то плохое
    I am afraid that my number is up, and I will soon lose my job.
  • one's opposite number
    такой же занимаемый пост, но в другой организации
    My boss spoke with his opposite number in another computer company, but they could not come to any agreement.
  • round off a number
    округлить цифру
    I had to round off the number as it was much too big.
  • take care of number one
    заботиться, думать только о себе любимом
    Sofia is extremely selfish; she only takes care of number one and never thinks about other people.