Идиомы на тему Numbers

  • it takes two to tango
    делить ответственность на двоих, оба виноваты
    It takes two to tango, so Peter and Nick are both responsible for the damage of the car.
  • six of one and half a dozen of the other
    одно и тоже, нет никакой разницы
    It was six of one or half-a-dozen of the other as to whether I should rent an apartment downtown or take a cottage in the suburbs. They cost almost the same.
  • at sixes and sevens
    приводить в недоумение, озадачить, поставить в тупик
    The students were at sixes and sevens when they looked at the timetable for the new semester.
  • one sandwich short of a picnic
    не сообразительный, "одного винтика не хватает"
    My neighbor is one sandwich short of a picnic; he is not very smart.
  • hundred and one
    очень много
    Viola can think of a hundred and one reasons when she does not want to date George.
  • take five
    отдохнуть 5 минут, немного передохнуть
    I decided to take five before going on with the cleaning.
  • for one thing
    прежде всего, для начала
    I didn't care much for his speech: for one thing, the subject was not interesting, for another thing, his delivery was bad.
  • put two and two together
    смекнуть, понять
    The death of his wife and the money he was going to inherit The police were sure to put two and two together.
  • one at a time
    каждый отдельно, по одному
    While eating meat, cut off a piece and eat it one at a time.
  • Give me five!
    Поздравь меня!" (эти слова обычно сопровождаются ударом ладони о чью-либо ладонь)
    "Give me five!" Allan said when he won in his first baseball game.
  • have one too many
    выпить слишком много (спиртного), перебрать
    "I am afraid you have had one too many, so let me see you home."
  • two's company, three's a crowd
    где двое, там третий – лишний
    I was going out with my date, and I didn't want Jim to accompany us; I told him that two's company and three's a crowd.
  • two wrongs don't make a right
    злом зла не поправишь (посл.)
    Though Lionel's words hurt my feelings I am not going to try and offend him; I am sure two wrongs don't make a right.
  • all in one piece
    целым и невредимым
    As we packed all the breakable things carefully, we hoped that they would arrive all in one piece.
  • give (someone) the third degree
    допросить кого-либо с пристрастием
    The detective gave the suspect the third degree.
  • all-in-one
    всё вместе
    My record player has a recording and playing function all-in-one.
  • at the eleventh hour
    в самый последний момент
    Aunt Maria was in a great hurry, and she remembered to lock the door at the eleventh hour.
  • at one time
    одно время
    At one time Jim had to combine work and studies at a community college.
  • give three cheers for (someone)
    хвалить кого-либо, прокричать троекратное 'ура' в честь кого-либо
    The football fans gave three cheers for their favorite team after they won the match.
  • two can play that game
    ответить тем же, отплатить той же монетой
    Cora offended me; I told her that two can play that game, but actually I am not going to do the same to her.
  • hole in one
    попасть с первого удара
    Lionel is a skilled golfer, and he got a hole in one during his first round.
  • do a number on (someone or something)
    повредить что-либо, обидеть кого-либо
    "I am sorry; I didn't mean to do a number on you."
  • One person's trash is another person's treasure.
    Что ценно одному, бесполезно другому.
    One person's trash is another person's treasure that's what my father used to say bringing home old car spare parts.
  • back to square one
    вернуться к началу чего-либо
    Kelly was back to square one in her desire to renew her project.
  • on cloud nine
    на седьмом небе (от счастья)
    Olaf was on cloud nine because he had found a very well paid job at last.
  • two-time (someone)
    изменять кому-либо (супруге или супругу, партнёру)
    Silvia was very upset when she discovered that Tim was two-timing her.
  • all rolled up in one
    совмещать (два или более в одном)
    Julian Manners is a p.e. teacher and a football coach all rolled up in one.
  • one in a million
    уникальный, один на миллион
    My music teacher is very gifted; she is one in a million.
  • cast the first stone
    бросить первый камень, первым обвинить кого-либо
    "I know you did the wrong thing, but I don't want to cast the first stone and quarrel with you."
  • two heads are better than one
    одна голова хорошо, а две лучше
    "Let's discuss these problems between the two of us; two heads are better than one, you know."
  • quick one
    выпить по маленькой (одна рюмка алкоголя перед каким-либо мероприятием)
    Mike often stops at this bar for a quick one on his way home from work.
  • every once in a while
    время от времени, изредка
    I am not a very good chess player; I play chess every once in a while.
  • look after number one
    заботится только о себе, о своих интересах
    Hanna is very selfish; she only looks after number one, and she never helps other people.
  • as one
    все как один
    The audience stood up as one and began to applaud the actors.
  • one up on (someone)
    иметь преимущество, быть на один шаг впереди кого-либо
    Simon is one up on the other employees because he works very hard.