• all in one piece

    целым и невредимым

    As we packed all the breakable things carefully, we hoped that they would arrive all in one piece.
  • all rolled up in one

    совмещать (два или более в одном)

    Julian Manners is a p.e. teacher and a football coach all rolled up in one.
  • all-in-one

    всё вместе

    My record player has a recording and playing function all-in-one.
  • as busy as a one-armed paperhanger

    очень занятый

    "Don't call on me today. Now I am as busy as a one-armed paperhanger."
  • as one

    все как один

    The audience stood up as one and began to applaud the actors.
  • at first

    вначале, с начала

    At first Ron wanted to go on a river trip with us, but then he changed his mind.
  • at one time

    одно время

    At one time Jim had to combine work and studies at a community college.
  • at one with (someone)

    разделять одни и те же взгляды с кем-либо

    Sam was at one with his wife on everything but money.
  • at sixes and sevens

    приводить в недоумение, озадачить, поставить в тупик

    The students were at sixes and sevens when they looked at the timetable for the new semester.
  • at the eleventh hour

    в самый последний момент

    Aunt Maria was in a great hurry, and she remembered to lock the door at the eleventh hour.
  • back to square one

    вернуться к началу чего-либо

    Kelly was back to square one in her desire to renew her project.
  • bat a thousand

    быть очень успешным

    Jeremy has been batting a thousand in his attempts to earn much money.
  • by the dozen

    дюжиной, числом 12

    Sheila counted the chicks by the dozen.
  • by the dozens

    (покупать) дюжину = 12 штук

    In English shops eggs are sold by the dozens.
  • cast the first stone

    бросить первый камень, первым обвинить кого-либо

    "I know you did the wrong thing, but I don't want to cast the first stone and quarrel with you."
  • catch forty winks

    немного поспать

    Wanda was very tired after her work in the garden, and she decided to catch forty winks.
  • cut both/two ways

    поддерживать обе стороны в споре, "и нашим, и вашим"

    I don't think much of your argument as it cuts both ways.
  • deep-six (someone or something)

    выбросить что-либо, избавиться от кого-либо \ чего-либо

    I am going to deep-six all my exercise books at the end of the school year.
  • divide (something) fifty-fifty

    разделить что-либо пополам

    Nancy bought a nice cake and divided it fifty-fifty between the two of us.
  • do (someone) one better

    делать лучше, чем кто-либо, превосходить кого-либо

    At the exam Marion did Emily one better and got better scores than her friend.
  • do a number on (someone or something)

    повредить что-либо, обидеть кого-либо

    "I am sorry; I didn't mean to do a number on you."
  • dressed to the nines

    элегантно одетый

    Vivian is always dressed to the nines.
  • eleventh-hour decision

    решение, принятое в последний момент

    Eventually Miranda made an eleventh-hour decision to accept their proposal.
  • every once in a while

    время от времени, изредка

    I am not a very good chess player; I play chess every once in a while.
  • for one thing

    прежде всего, для начала

    I didn't care much for his speech: for one thing, the subject was not interesting, for another thing, his delivery was bad.
  • forty winks

    короткий сон в дневное время

    If Ron, a truck driver, feels sleepy, he usually stops by the side of the road to catch forty winks.
  • get (someone's) number

    составить мнение о ком-либо, "раскусить человека"

    Santana and Kim got their new roommate's number pretty soon.
  • get the third degree

    быть допрошенным с пристрастием

    The student got the third degree after he had missed a lot of classes.
  • give (someone) the third degree

    допросить кого-либо с пристрастием

    The detective gave the suspect the third degree.
  • Give me five!

    Поздравь меня!" (эти слова обычно сопровождаются ударом ладони о чью-либо ладонь)

    "Give me five!" Allan said when he won in his first baseball game.
  • give three cheers for (someone)

    хвалить кого-либо, прокричать троекратное 'ура' в честь кого-либо

    The football fans gave three cheers for their favorite team after they won the match.
  • go fifty-fifty (on something)

    делить что-либо поровну

    My friend and I decided to go fifty-fifty on a new computer.
  • have (someone's) number

    знать, иметь чей-либо номер телефона

    "Do you have Mike's number?" - "No, but I'll get it for you."
  • have one too many

    выпить слишком много (спиртного), перебрать

    "I am afraid you have had one too many, so let me see you home."
  • hole in one

    попасть с первого удара

    Lionel is a skilled golfer, and he got a hole in one during his first round.