Идиомы на тему Numbers

  • all in one piece
    целым и невредимым
    As we packed all the breakable things carefully, we hoped that they would arrive all in one piece.
  • all rolled up in one
    совмещать (два или более в одном)
    Julian Manners is a p.e. teacher and a football coach all rolled up in one.
  • all-in-one
    всё вместе
    My record player has a recording and playing function all-in-one.
  • as busy as a one-armed paperhanger
    очень занятый
    "Don't call on me today. Now I am as busy as a one-armed paperhanger."
  • as one
    все как один
    The audience stood up as one and began to applaud the actors.
  • at one time
    одно время
    At one time Jim had to combine work and studies at a community college.
  • at one with (someone)
    разделять одни и те же взгляды с кем-либо
    Sam was at one with his wife on everything but money.
  • back to square one
    вернуться к началу чего-либо
    Kelly was back to square one in her desire to renew her project.
  • do (someone) one better
    делать лучше, чем кто-либо, превосходить кого-либо
    At the exam Marion did Emily one better and got better scores than her friend.
  • for one thing
    прежде всего, для начала
    I didn't care much for his speech: for one thing, the subject was not interesting, for another thing, his delivery was bad.
  • have one too many
    выпить слишком много (спиртного), перебрать
    "I am afraid you have had one too many, so let me see you home."
  • hole in one
    попасть с первого удара
    Lionel is a skilled golfer, and he got a hole in one during his first round.
  • hundred and one
    очень много
    Viola can think of a hundred and one reasons when she does not want to date George.
  • in one fell swoop
    одним разом
    In one fell swoop the Smiths sold their house in Fitchburg and moved to Canada.
  • look after number one
    заботится только о себе, о своих интересах
    Hanna is very selfish; she only looks after number one, and she never helps other people.
  • million and one
    очень много, миллион (дел)
    I had to do a million and one things before my birthday party.
  • not one iota
    ни капли
    It was absolutely evident that there was not one iota of truth in what the offender was saying.
  • number one
    собственная персона, собственное "я"
    "I am speaking about myself; after all number one is what I know most about."
  • one after another
    один за другим
    I understood the meaning of the proverb 'it never rains but it pours' when misfortunes began to come one after another.
  • one and all
    все, все вместе
    The members of the council one and all were devoted to the public good.
  • one and only
    единственный, уникальный
    There was an interview with the one and only inventor of a digital camera.
  • one and the same
    тот же самый \ одно и тоже
    It is one and the same book which I saw in the book store.
  • one at a time
    каждый отдельно, по одному
    While eating meat, cut off a piece and eat it one at a time.
  • one by one
    один за другим
    The film being over, the people were leaving the auditorium one by one.
  • one for the (record) books
    что-либо необычное или из ряда вон выходящее
    His latest article about the origin of the Universe is one for the books.
  • one for the road
    (выпить) на посошок
    We stayed in the bar for two hours and had one for the road before leaving it.
  • one good turn deserves another
    долг платежом красен
    I was happy to help Dana with an essay after she had helped me with my English homework. One good turn deserves another, you know.
  • one in a hundred
    один \ одна из сотни
    About one in a hundred of the toys produced in China are dangerous for children's health.
  • one in a million
    уникальный, один на миллион
    My music teacher is very gifted; she is one in a million.
  • one in a thousand
    один из тысячи
    My chance of entering the Harvard is one in a thousand.
  • one jump/step ahead of (someone or something)
    (быть) на один шаг впереди кого-либо \ чего-либо
    Jack was one jump ahead of the other students in his Math class.
  • one of the boys
    принятый в компанию, признанный как член группы
    Paul is an accepted member of a Green Peace group; he is one of the boys.
  • one of these days
    на днях, скоро, когда-нибудь (в будущем)
    One of these days I am going to become rich.
  • one of those days
    несчастливый, неудачный день
    It was one of those days that all my plans were ruined.
  • one of those things
    что-либо неудачное, то с чем приходится мириться
    I lost my job; it is one of those things that nothing can be done about.