Идиомы на тему Law

  • in arrears
    не уплаченный во время, просроченный платёж
    Mark has been in arrears with his rent payments lately.
  • in bad faith
    с нечестными намерениями
    Jack Robinson was bargaining in bad faith when he tried to sell a computer to me.
  • in consideration of (something)
    с учётом чего-либо
    In consideration of the amount of work I have to do I think I should charge more money for my services.
  • in contempt of court
    неуважение к суду
    George Croft was found to be in contempt of court because he had been rude to the judge.
  • in debt
    в долгу
    Derek was heavily in debt, but he had no money to pay his debt.
  • in defiance of (someone or something)
    открытое неповиновение кому-либо \ чему-либо
    The man was in defiance of the court order as he didn't want to pay the fine.
  • in dispute
    подвергать сомнению, выступать против
    I looked through the contract and saw that some parts of it are in dispute.
  • in effect
    в действии
    This law has been in effect for many years.
  • in good faith
    честно, добросовестно, искренне
    Wendi acted in good faith when she gave me that piece of advice.
  • in kind
    расплачиваться товаром, а не деньгами; расплачиваться натурой
    They wanted to pay us back in kind for the use of their summer cottage.
  • in lieu of (something)
    вместо чего-либо
    In lieu of keeping the goods till the season is high they sold them out immediately.
  • in perpetuity
    Tobias was given the right to use the land near his house in perpetuity.
  • in person
    "I want you to appear at the staff meeting in person."
  • in plain English/language
    простым языком
    I was told to write the legal contract in plain English so that it could easily be understood.
  • in private
    The teacher told Mary that she wanted to talk to her in private after class.
  • in public
    открыть, публично
    The judge has told his colleagues that he is sick but will not admit it in public.
  • in receipt of (something)
    при получении, получив что-либо
    I told my lawyer that I was already in receipt of the documents and that he may start the legal procedure.
  • in reference to (something)
    по поводу, относительно чего-либо
    At the meeting Paul spoke in reference to the Boy Scouts.
  • in session
    заседание (суда)
    The court was in session when Stan arrived at the court house to take the stand.
  • in the act of (doing something)
    во время какого-либо действия
    The boys were caught in the act of stealing apples from my neighbor's garden.
  • in the right
    (быть) правым
    In family quarrels, it is hard to say who is in the right.
  • in the wrong
    (быть) не правым
    In attacking a little, Steve was plainly in the wrong.
  • in trouble with the law
    не в ладу с законом
    When Simon was a teenager, he was often in trouble with the law.
  • in trust of (someone)
    под чью-либо ответственность
    At his death Mr. Arnolds left all his property to his nephew in trust of the boy's mother.
  • in/have custody of (someone or something)
    (быть) под охраной, заключение под стражу
    Alan was mentally sick that's why he was placed in custody of the mental hospital.
  • invasion of privacy
    посягательство на уединение
    I decided to sue my stepfather for the invasion of privacy because he often comes into my room without my permission.
  • invest someone with the power or legal right to (do something)
    предоставить кому-либо законное право делать что-либо
    During the demonstration the police were invested with the power to guard the White House.
  • judge (someone or something) on its/their own merit(s)
    судить о ком-либо \ чём-либо по достоинству
    We usually judge people on their own merits.
  • jump bail
    не явиться в суд после освобождения под залог
    The police were afraid that the man might jump bail and leave the country.
  • jump to conclusions
    делать поспешные выводы
    "I don't want you to jump to conclusions because you don't know all the facts."
  • jury is still out (on someone or something)
    решение всё ещё не принято
    The jury is still out; they haven't accepted adventitious proposal yet.
  • keep one's own counsel
    скрывать что-либо, держать в секрете, "держать язык за зубами"
    I know that Dora has some problems at work, but she prefers to keep her own counsel and never tells anyone about them.
  • last will and testament
    Mr. Brown went to a notary to authenticate his last will and testament.
  • laugh (something) out of court
    посмеяться над чем-либо, высмеять что-либо
    They laughed the case out of court as being extremely ridiculous.
  • law unto oneself
    сам себе закон (о человеке, игнорирующем закон или правила, если они ему не нравятся)
    Johnny's father told him that he must stop being a law unto himself.