Идиомы на тему Law

  • law-abiding
    Martha had been a law-abiding citizen all her life.
  • lay down the law
    устанавливать правило, говорить безапелляционным тоном
    He hated hard-mouthed women who laid down the law and knew more than he did.
  • leading question
    наводящий вопрос
    The students didn't know what kind of answer to give, so the teacher started asking leading questions.
  • legal age
    In most US states the legal age for voting is 27.
  • let (someone) go
    выпускать из тюрьмы или из-под ареста
    The judge decided to let the young man go because there was no evidence to incriminate him.
  • let (someone) off (easy)
    освобождать от наказания
    The judge let Jeremy Brown off easy in spite of the fact that he was guilty of an assault.
  • lodge a complaint (against someone)
    жаловаться на кого-либо
    I lodged a complaint against the salesperson who tried to cheat me.
  • matter of record
    зарегистрированный факт
    It was a matter of record how many unemployed there were in the city.
  • mineral rights
    права на разработку минеральных ресурсов
    The oil company owns all of the mineral rights in this area.
  • miscarriage of justice
    ошибка правосудия
    Everybody was sure that the light sentence the burglar received was a miscarriage of justice.
  • moment of truth
    момент истины
    When you face the reality of some situation, there comes the moment of truth.
  • moral turpitude
    позорное поведение
    The lawyer was accused of moral turpitude because he had distorted the facts.
  • next of kin
    близкий родственник
    Margaret was run over by a car, and the police had to notify the next of kin about the accident.
  • not hold water
    не иметь смысла, быть нелогичным
    My friend likes arguing but very often his arguments do not hold water.
  • null and void
    потерявший законную силу, бесполезный
    Though the document was signed and sealed it was null and void.
  • of one's own free will/accord
    по собственной воле, по своему желанию
    It was her choice; she had married that man of her own free will.
  • off the record
    неофициальный, не подлежащий оглашению
    "I am telling you all this off the record, and I hope you will keep your mouth shut."
  • offensive weapon
    холодное оружие
    When the young man was arrested, they found an offensive weapon on him.
  • on condition that
    при условии
    Elena agreed to act in the performance on condition that she could wear her own costumes.
  • on probation
    быть условно освобождённым, находиться под присмотром полиции
    The teenagers were on probation for robbing a cigarette store.
  • on record
    официально зарегистрированный
    Nobody knows for sure when the famous artist was born, but the date of his death is on record.
  • on the bench
    вести заседание суда
    When I entered the courtroom, the judge was already sitting on the bench.
  • on trial
    быть под судом
    Tamara Cobra is on trial for shoplifting.
  • open-and-shut case
    простое, элементарное дело
    That is a simple and clear matter, and I hope it will be an open-and-shut case.
  • out on bail
    брать на поруки или вносить залог
    Young Tom was arrested for swindling, but now he is out on bail.
  • out on parole
    освобождать заключённого условно, условно-досрочное освобождение
    Don Moss was out on parole after having spent two years in prison.
  • pay one's debt (to society)
    заплатить долг обществу (сидеть в тюрьме за преступление)
    The woman spent a few years in prison, paying her debt to society.
  • peeping Tom
    человек, подглядывающий за интимными действиями незнакомых людей (вуайерист)
    Johnny was picked up by the police as a peeping Tom.
  • penalty clause
    штрафная неустойка, штрафная санкция
    There is a penalty clause in my bank loan agreement if I don't pay out the money in time.
  • pick holes in an argument
    находить слабые места в аргументации
    The judge found it very easy to pick holes in the argument of the lawyer.
  • plea bargain
    признать свою вину (с целью смягчения наказания)
    Timothy Eagles thought he would receive a light punishment if he plead bargain.
  • poetic justice
    идеальная справедливость
    I think it is poetic justice that Henry got the punishment he deserves.
  • post mortem
    вскрытие трупа для определения причины смерти
    To determine the cause of the woman's death the autopsist performed a post mortem on her body.
  • power of attorney
    Robert Crow has been given power of attorney over his father's money.
  • preliminary hearing
    предварительное слушание
    There was no need for a preliminary hearing because there was not enough evidence to charge the man with the crime.