Идиомы на тему Law

  • get one's knuckles rapped
    получить порицание, наказание за что-либо
    Steve Parson got his knuckles rapped for having violated the traffic rules.
  • get the benefit of the doubt
    оправдать кого-либо (за недостаточностью улик)
    Tim Osgood was tried for burglary but got the benefit of the doubt.
  • give (someone) a fair shake
    относиться к кому-либо по справедливости
    Felix was a skilled worker, and the company gave the new employee a fair shake.
  • give (someone) a slap on the wrist
    назначить кому-либо лёгкое наказание
    A few high school students were taken to the police station and given a slap on the wrist because they had been playing truant.
  • give (someone) the benefit of the doubt
    оправдать кого-либо за недостаточностью улик, поверить кому-либо на слово
    The jury gave Marion the benefit of the doubt and she was set free in the court room.
  • give (someone) their freedom
    выпустить на свободу
    The judge decided to give the young man his freedom because of his good behavior in prison.
  • give notice
    подать заявление об уходе или прекращении договора
    Cora Trenton didn't like her job of a secretary, so she gave notice.
  • go by the book
    неукоснительно следовать правилам
    My teacher always goes by the book when she gives us tests.
  • go easy on (someone or something)
    быть добрым и мягким по отношению к кому-либо
    Judge Crimson shouldn't have gone easy on the young delinquent, whose conduct was outrageous.
  • go into effect
    начать действовать
    The new tax law will go into effect at the beginning of next year.
  • go legit
    начать легитимный бизнес
    They had been operating an illegal business for quite some time before they decided to go legit.
  • go on record
    сделать официальное заявление
    The Chief Executive has decided to retire and plans to go on record about his retirement.
  • go scot-free/get off scot-free
    избежать наказания или быть оправданным
    Denis managed to get off scot-free in the case involving a car fraud.
  • goods and chattels
    личные вещи, личная собственность
    All her goods and chattels were destroyed by the fire.
  • grace period
    льготный период, срок отсрочки платежей
    I was given a 30-day grace period in which to pay my rent.
  • grain of truth
    небольшая доля правды
    "I am sure there isn't a grain of truth in what you said during the trial."
  • gray area
    непонятная\ неопределённая ситуация
    It is difficult to put this situation into a particular category; it looks like a gray area.
  • grounded in fact
    основанный на фактах
    The judge dismissed the accusations against Tim Burk because they were not grounded in fact.
  • grounds for (something)
    основание для чего-либо
    I don't think there are any grounds for the man being prosecuted under law.
  • hand a verdict/decision down (to someone)
    огласить или вручить кому-либо решение суда
    The verdict was handed down to him yesterday morning as soon as the trail was over.
  • hang in the balance
    не принявший решения, "быть в подвешенном состоянии"
    The future of the company is hanging in the balance; they haven't decided yet what to do.
  • have (someone) dead to rights
    доказать кому-либо его вину
    The evidence against the criminal was very strong, and it was not difficult for the police to have the man dead to rights.
  • have (someone) in one's pocket
    иметь полный контроль над кем-либо
    The largest computer firm in the town has a few small ones in its pocket.
  • have a brush with the law
    соприкасаться с законом
    At fourteen Joe had a brush with the law because he had tried to hijack a car.
  • have a case (against someone)
    свидетельское показание, которое может быть использовано против кого-либо
    "Mind, the police have a very good case against you, so don't try to cheat them."
  • have a run-in with (the law/someone)
    иметь столкновение с законом
    The young man had a run-in with the law several times for speedy driving.
  • have the right to (do something)
    иметь право делать что-либо
    "You don't have the right to poke your nose into my private affairs!"
  • have/get one's day in court
    иметь возможность объяснить что-либо в суде
    Mark Browbeaten had his day in court and was cleared of any wrongdoing.
  • hung jury
    суд присяжных, который не смог вынести решение
    The jury was unable to agree on a verdict and the trial ended in a hung jury.
  • implicate (someone) in (something)
    впутывать, подозревать кого-либо в чём-либо
    Two officials were implicated in a bribery scandal.
  • in (someone's) favor
    в чью-либо пользу
    The judge ruled in the favor of the complainant in his dispute with the landlord.
  • in (someone's) name
    на имя кого-либо
    Wanda had put all of their property in her husband's name so that it would be easier to get a loan on it.
  • in abeyance
    временная отмена, временное бездействие
    The law was in abeyance while the congressmen looked at it in more detail.
  • in absentia
    в отсутствие
    As Simon had missed court sessions several times, the judge sentenced him in absentia.
  • in accordance with (something)
    в соответствии с чем-либо
    In accordance with the law people are not to trespass private property.