Идиомы на букву M

  • make overtures to (someone)
    пытаться завладеть чьим-либо расположением
    Linda made overtures to her boss but nothing came out of it.
  • make peace with (someone)
    мириться с кем-либо
    The husband and wife were not on speaking terms for a few days and were finally able to make peace with each other.
  • make points with (someone)
    добиваться чьего-либо расположения
    I tried to make points with my boss, but nothing came out of it.
  • make room for (someone or something)
    освобождать место для кого-либо \ чего-либо, подвинуться, посторониться
    I've bought a lot of new books and made room for them in the bookcase.
  • make sense
    иметь смысл
    Your proposal doesn't make sense; there is neither rhyme nor reason in it.
  • make sense out of (someone or something)
    понимать смысл, значение чего-либо
    I couldn't very well make sense out of his business plan though I tried very hard.
  • make short work of (something)
    быстро справиться, разделаться с чем-либо
    My bedroom had been in a mess, but I made short work of it.
  • make sure
    "I want you to make sure if you have packed everything."
  • make the best of (something)
    использовать что-либо наилучшим образом
    George made the best of his time working as a night watch; he was able to study for his TOEFLE exam.
  • make the cut
    соответствовать требованиям, подходить под установленный стандарт
    The young footballer does not make the cut, and he is not supposed to join the team this year.
  • make the grade
    преуспеть в чём-либо, добиться чего-либо
    Jim was able to make the grade and joined the baseball team.
  • make the most of (something)
    использовать наилучшим образом
    Gus was allowed to use his uncle's library, and he made the most of that opportunity.
  • make the scene
    присутствовать на мероприятии, пойти куда-либо
    Gina couldn't decide whether to make the scene and go to the party or not.
  • make time for (someone or something)
    отвести время для кого-либо \ чего-либо
    Pam tries to make time for on-line studying French.
  • make time with (someone)
    флиртовать с кем-либо
    The woman, who was a bit drunk, was trying to make time with the bartender.
  • make up
    мириться (после ссоры)
    My friend and I often quarrel, but we usually make up pretty soon.
  • make up (something)
    собирать, упаковывать что-либо
    Ken unpacked his bags and made up a bundle for the laundry.
  • make up (something/a story/an excuse)
    сочинять, придумывать, импровизировать
    Mary couldn't afford lessons in conventional dancing, so she made up dances of her own.
  • make up (something/money/time)
    делать что-либо; дополнять то, чего не хватает
    Tim had been ill for three weeks, and naturally he had a lot of homework to make up.
  • make up for (something)
    возмещать, навёрстывать, компенсировать что-либо
    Jack made up for his lack of talent by meritorious industry.
  • make up for lost time
    наверстать упущенное время
    I wasted a lot of time during the semester, so before the exams I had to work hard to make up for lost time.
  • make up one's face
    накладывать косметику, краситься
    That girl makes up her face badly; she looks an awful sight.
  • make up one's mind
    решать, принять решение
    I haven't made up my mind where to go for my holiday, which is supposed to be in March.
  • make up with (someone)
    помириться с кем-либо
    Marcia had a big quarrel with Mike yesterday, and I am not sure that he will want to make up with her soon.
  • make use of (someone or something)
    использовать кого-либо \ что-либо
    Nick made use of his tools to fix my car.
  • make waves
    нарушать порядок, доставлять неприятности
    Harold hates to make waves; he never causes any trouble.
  • make way for (someone or something)
    отойти, дать дорогу для кого-либо \ чего-либо, пропустить
    The furniture movers were taking a bulky piano up to the second floor, so I made way for them to pass.
  • make/spend/lose money hand over fist
    быстро и в больших количествах делать \ тратить \ терять деньги
    Adam is head over heels in debt because he is spending money hand over fist.
  • man in the street
    простой, обычный человек, (человек с улицы)
    The journalist decided to ask a man in the street about the coming election."
  • man-about-town
    светский человек
    Alec is a man-about-town and a good mixer; he likes to mess around.
  • man-to-man
    честный, откровенный, прямой (разговор)
    Denny had a man-to-man talk with his friend about their common problem.
  • Many hands make light work
    Когда рук много, работа спорится.
    Many hands make light work and lots of people helped clean the town after the hurricane.
  • many is the time
    часто, во многих случаях
    Many is the time that Jim waited for Marion to call him, but she never did.
  • march to (the beat of) a different drummer
    иметь собственное \ особое мнение
    Cora is known to march to the beat of a different drummer; her principles are different from most of oursus.
  • mark down (a price)
    снизить цену
    Those goods have been marked down from $5 to $4.