Идиомы на букву M

  • movers and shakers
    влиятельные люди
    The movers and shakers of the city attended the opening of the new stadium.
  • MP
    Member of Parliament - член парламента
    Josef Rickson, an MP, was kidnapped yesterday when he was driving to work.
  • MP3
    MPEG-1 audio layer 3 - МР3, метод компрессии цифровой звукозаписи
    I often listen to my MP3 player when I drive home from work
  • MSc
    Master of Science - магистр естественных наук
    Tina has been able to find a job easily because she has an MSc in Biology.
  • much ado about nothing
    много шума из ничего
    There was much ado about nothing over a trifle conflict among the members of the family.
  • much in evidence
    быть на виду
    Silvia is the sort of woman who likes to be very much in evidence.
  • much sought after
    желаемый, востребованный, имеющий большой спрос
    Pictures of old masters are much sought after by collectors around the world.
  • muddy the water
    мутить воду
    His answers were evasive and it looked as if he were deliberately mudding the water.
  • mull over (something)
    обдумывать, размышлять
    It took Eva much time to mull over the new job offer.
  • mum's the word
    не выдавать секрет, помалкивать, "об этом ни гу-гу"
    "Mum's the word on the scandal. You should keep quiet about it and not tell anyone. Do you promise?"
  • murder on (something)
    губительный, смертельный для чего-либо
    Very cold water is murder on houseplants.
  • muscle in on (someone or something)
    вторгаться, захватить силой кого-либо \ что-либо
    A large pharmaceutical company was trying to muscle in on the territory of the smaller companies.
  • music to one's ears
    то, что приятно слышать
    Georgiana likes being praised; it is music to her ears.
  • musical chairs
    перевод на другую работу (в этой же организации)
    The sales manager seemed to be playing musical chairs as people were moving from one position to another without any reason.
  • must have
    насущная потребность
    New computer software is a must have for computer users.
  • muster up the courage
    собраться с духом, набраться храбрости
    I am going to muster up the courage and swim across the English Channel.
  • My foot!
    Какая чепуха!
    "My foot!" I exclaimed when I learned what my boyfriend had said about me.
  • my goodness/my God
    Боже мой!
    "My goodness," Gina exclaimed when she saw her son covered with mud from head to foot.
  • my gut tells me
    мой инстинкт подсказывает, "нутром чую"
    My gut tells me that I am not going to become famous.
  • my one and only
    мой единственный(ая) (о любимом человеке)
    My one and only will take me out to dinner tonight.