Идиомы на букву M

  • mark down (something)
    записать что-либо, отметить
    A traffic policeman marks down the cars that are parked in the wrong place; it's his job.
  • mark my word(s)
    помяните мои слова
    "Mark my words, if you want to be successful, you must work very hard."
  • mark time
    праздно проводить время
    I have been marking time for over a month since I lost my previous job.
  • mark time (to music)
    двигаться под музыку
    Dave was listening to jazz and marking time to the music.
  • mark up (a price)
    выставить новую, повышенную цену
    The store owners usually mark up prices of their goods at the beginning of each season.
  • mark up (something)
    измазать что-либо
    The child was marking up the freshly painted wall.
  • marvel to behold
    чудо, замечательная вещь
    The exotic flower is a marvel to behold and many people come to look at it.
  • match for (someone)
    быть под стать кому-либо
    The Russian football team was a match for the French one.
  • match made in heaven
    человек, подходящий под пару; брак, заключённый на небесах
    It seemed theirs was a match made in heaven, but unfortunately they didn't stay together forever.
  • matter of course
    само собой разумеющееся, в порядке вещей
    They did things as a matter of course and never thought about the consequence.
  • matter of fact
    реальная действительность
    It is a matter of fact that the old building should be pulled down as soon as possible.
  • matter of life and death
    вопрос жизни и смерти, жизненно важный вопрос
    "Do be serious for just five minutes! After all, it is a matter of life and death."
  • matter of opinion
    спорный вопрос
    It is a matter of opinion as where to house the new art gallery.
  • matter of record
    зарегистрированный факт
    It was a matter of record how many unemployed there were in the city.
  • matter-of-fact manner/way
    простое изложение фактов
    The witness described the accident in a matter-of-fact manner.
  • MC
    конферансье, распорядитель (на балу, вечере, свадьбе)
    Steve was the MC for his friend's wedding.
  • MD
    Doctor of Medicine - доктор медицины
    Cronin, the author of "The Citadel", received his MD when she was 25 years old.
  • meal ticket
    кто-либо \ что-либо, что обеспечивает безбедную жизнь
    I believe my degree in accounting to be my meal ticket to a good salary.
  • mean business
    быть серьёзным, серьёзно относится
    Mr. Josef Parker meant business when he said that he was going to take over the management of the company.
  • meant to be
    предназначать, быть начертанным судьбой
    It was meant to be that Jim and Mary fell in love at first sight.
  • measure up to (someone or something)
    подходить (по меркам) кому-либо \ чему-либо
    The new lecturer did not measure up to Professor Young whose lectures were superb.
  • meat and potatoes
    безыскусный, простой
    To my mind the best approach to life is meat-and-potatoes one.
  • Mecca for (something)
    Мекка, святое место
    The vast forests in Siberia is a Mecca for people who like hunting.
  • meet (someone) halfway
    идти на уступки кому-либо, идти на компромисс
    His view of what should be done differed from ours, but he was willing to meet us halfway.
  • meet one's end/death
    The young girl met his end in an accident while running across the street.
  • meet one's match
    повстречать равного себе
    Joe is the best programmer in our company; and he has not met his match yet.
  • meet one's Waterloo
    быть разгромленным, потерпеть поражение
    Unfortunately our football team met their Waterloo when they played with the best team in our area.
  • meet the requirements (for something)
    соответствовать требованиям для чего-либо
    The young teacher didn't meet the requirements for a substitute teacher.
  • meet up with (someone or something)
    случайно встретиться с кем-либо
    I met up with Steve while I was mountain skiing in the Alps.
  • meet/find the right girl/guy
    встретить свою половинку
    When Myrna got engaged to Tim, she thought she had found the right guy.
  • meeting of minds
    полное согласие
    "Were you able to achieve a meeting of minds at last?"
  • melt in one's mouth
    быть очень вкусным, таять во рту
    The chocolate I ate melted in my mouth.
  • mend fences with (someone)
    стараться подружиться, установить дружеские отношения
    After some disagreement Peter tried to mend fences with everybody in the group.
  • mend one's ways
    исправиться, вести себя лучше
    "I don't like the way you behave; you'd better mend your ways."
  • mention (someone or something) in passing
    заметить кого-либо, сказать что-либо мимоходом
    I met up with Della and mentioned her name in passing while I was talking with my friend.