Идиомы на букву M

  • make it one's business to (do something)
    считать своим кровным делом, своей обязанностью
    I made it my business to take care of my sister's children.
  • make it to first base
    сделать успешный первый шаг
    Collin could not make it to first base in his effort to get a new job.
  • make it up to (someone)
    делать что-либо, чтобы компенсировать за невыполненную просьбу или возместить долг
    I can't give you a hand now, but I will make it up to you tomorrow.
  • make it worth (someone's) while to do (something)
    делать что-либо выгодным, доходным для кого-либо
    The supermarket made it worth their while to work round the clock.
  • make life miserable for (someone)
    сделать жизнь невыносимой для кого-либо
    The mother-in-law made life miserable for her son and his wife.
  • make light of (something)
    относиться с лёгкостью к чему-либо
    Gina made light of her relationship with Paul and he resented it.
  • make little of (someone or something)
    умалять заслуги кого-либо, преуменьшать значение чего-либо
    "If I were you, I wouldn't make little of your mother's help."
  • make merry
    We entertained guests last night; we ate, drank and made merry.
  • make mincemeat out of (someone)
    разбить, уничтожить, "превратить в котлету"
    Jeremy felt as if someone had made mincemeat out of him; his body ached all over.
  • make mincemeat/hamburger out of (someone or something)
    избить, уничтожить, "превратить в котлету"
    Jeremy felt as if someone had made mincemeat out of him; his body ached all over.
  • make mischief
    ссорить, вредить, сеять раздоры
    Cora enjoys making mischief whenever she feels like it.
  • make money hand over fist
    зарабатывать много денег быстро и легко
    During the World War the company was making money hand over fist.
  • make no bones about (something)
    не колебаться или не церемониться
    Mike made no bones about the matter; he despised Captain Blood.
  • make no difference to (someone)
    не иметь значения для кого-либо (мне всё равно)
    It made no difference to Alec if he would go to the country or stay in town.
  • make no mistake (about something)
    не обманываться на счёт чего-либо
    I told Otto to make no mistake about Ann's attitude to him.
  • make nothing of (something)
    не придавать значения, игнорировать что-либо
    I told Frieda to keep her opinion to herself, but she made nothing of it.
  • make of (someone or something)
    иметь, составить мнение о ком-либо \ чём-либо
    I have known Erick for a few years but yet I can't make anything of him.
  • make off with (someone or something)
    удрать, убежать с кем-либо \ чем-либо
    Bobby took away a toy from a little boy and made off with it.
  • make one's bed and lie in it
    отвечать за свои действия, "как постелешь, так и поспишь"
    "You have let your friends down, and now nobody trusts you. You made your bed and now you must lie in it."
  • make one's blood boil
    очень рассердиться, "кровь вскипела"
    I can't stand Ken. His misbehavior makes my blood boil.
  • make one's feelings known
    раскрывать свои чувства
    Sam tried to conceal his love for Tamara; he didn't want to make his feelings known.
  • make one's hair stand on end
    сильно напугать кого-либо, "волосы встали дыбом"
    She heard horrible screams of the tortured people and it made her hair stand on end.
  • make one's mouth water
    захотеть есть, "слюнки потекли"
    The chicken my mother had fried was so wonderful that it made my mouth water.
  • make one's own way
    идти своим путём
    Jack decided to rely on his own abilities and make his own way in business.
  • make one's toes curl
    чувствовать себя неловко
    Rick said something unpleasant and it made my toes curl.
  • make oneself at home
    чувствовать себя как дома
    "Come on in and make yourself at home. I'll be with you in a minute."
  • make oneself conspicuous
    привлекать к себе внимание
    Maria always wears extravagant clothes to make herself conspicuous.
  • make oneself felt
    использовать свой авторитет, власть
    During the land conflict the deputy mayor was able to make himself felt.
  • make oneself heard
    говорить громко, чтобы быть услышанным
    There was such a pandemonium in the classroom that the monitor could hardly make herself heard.
  • make oneself scarce
    быстро уйти
    The party was boring and I thought I'd better make myself scarce.
  • make or break (someone)
    возвеличить или погубить кого-либо; "либо пан, либо пропал"
    "You never know what the new business venture may do to you; it can make or break you."
  • make out
    справляться с чем-либо, преуспевать
    "I will drop you a line to tell you how I am making out."
  • make out (a report/application)
    составлять (доклад, ходатайство ит.д.)
    I had to make out a report about the leakage of some valuable information.
  • make out (something)
    с трудом разобрать, прочесть, расслышать
    "I am sorry but I can't very well make out what you are saying."
  • make over (something)
    переделывать, перекраивать
    After Sarah finished the dress, she didn't like it, so she decided to make it over.