Идиомы на букву C

  • clear (someone's) name
    доказать чью-либо невиновность
    Molly Morgan had to go to court in order to clear her name of the false charges.
  • clear a hurdle
    преодолеть препятствие
    There were a lot of obstacles on his way to success, but Leo finally managed to clear the major hurdles.
  • clear of (something)
    быть вдалеке от чего-либо, не соприкасаться с чем-либо
    The campers checked that the campfire was clear of cinders before leaving the camp.
  • clear out (of somewhere)
    уходить, убираться от куда-либо
    "Clear out! Or the police shall throw you out!"
  • clear out (something)
    очищать, устранять что-либо
    My Mom wanted me to clear out the mess on the balcony.
  • clear sailing
    лёгкий, простой путь; "всё идёт как по маслу"
    It will be clear sailing if we finish our task and take a short rest.
  • clear the air
    уладить недоразумение, разрядить атмосферу
    Due to misunderstanding they had a big argument, but now they decided to calm down and clear the air.
  • clear the decks
    расчистить место и готовиться к действиям
    They realized that in order to clear the decks for the next advance it was necessary to unite.
  • clear the table
    убирать (посуду) со стола
    After dinner Mother cleared the table and I washed up.
  • clear up (something)
    разъяснить, выяснить что-либо
    If there is any misunderstanding, we may be able to clear it up.
  • coast is clear
    отсутствие опасности, "берег чист"
    "I'll join you only if the coast is clear."