Идиомы на букву C

  • catch a cold
    The child had a fever; evidently he had caught a cold.
  • catch one's death of cold
    очень сильно простудиться
    I told my daughter it was necessary for her to wear a warm coat if she didn't want to catch her death of cold.
  • cold comfort
    слабое утешение
    The authorities offered money to the victims of the explosion, but it was cold comfort to those who had lost their homes.
  • cold fish
    бесчувственный человек "холодный как рыба"
    Jack Brown turned out to be a cold fish; he didn't care much about his parents.
  • cold hard cash
    наличные (монеты, банкноты)
    Mr. Ackroyd bought a new car and paid cold hard cash for it.
  • cold turkey
    резкое прекращение употребления наркотиков
    Collin must have stopped using drugs cold turkey because he looks very sick.