Идиомы на букву C

  • cover a lot of ground
    охватить много учебного материала
    The students covered a lot of ground in their Geography class at college.
  • cover all of one's bases
    тщательно подготовиться
    Kevin Roberts covered all of his bases before running for Governor.
  • cover for (someone)
    прикрывать чьё-либо отсутствие (промах, опоздание)
    "I often covered for you when you were away from work. Why don't you want to help me?"
  • cover ground
    поговорить, (многое) обсудить,
    The committee was in session for two hours and was able to cover much ground.
  • cover one's back
    оградить себя от грядущих неприятностей
    Unfortunately Mr. Quirk was not able to cover his back when dealing with the racketeers.
  • cover one's tracks
    скрывать свои действия, "заметать следы"
    "Don't try to cover your tracks. I know where you've been."
  • cover up (something)
    спрятать что-либо, скрыть что-либо плохое
    He tried to cover up the information about his shady past.