Идиомы на букву C

  • carry (something) out
    выполнять, доводить до конца
    Adam carried out the plan in every detail.
  • carry a lot of weight with (someone or something)
    иметь большое влияние (вес) на кого-либо/ чего-либо
    Norman Brown is very influential; his proposals carry a lot of weight with his colleagues.
  • carry a motion
    внести предложение
    The chairman carried a motion that the meeting be postponed till next week.
  • carry coals to Newcastle
    возить что-либо туда, где этого и так достаточно (возить уголь в Ньюкасл)
    Don't bring beer to the pub; it is like carrying coals to Newcastle.
  • carry on
    продолжать делать что-либо, вести разговор
    It's difficult to carry on a conversation at a noisy party.
  • carry one's (own) weight
    делать свою долю работы
    Everyone in the family had to carry his own weight during the spring cleaning in the house.
  • carry over (something)
    переносить что-либо на другое время
    It was recommended that the sale should be carried over for some other time.
  • carry the ball
    быть ответственным
    The Dean made up his mind to let his secretary carry the ball on the time table of the coming exams.
  • carry the day
    завоевать полную поддержку
    Mark's proposal carried the day and everyone supported him with enthusiasm.
  • carry the torch
    проявлять верность чему-либо/ кому-либо
    "It's not necessary to carry the torch for Rick; he doesn't deserve it.
  • carry the weight of the world on one's shoulders
    нести все (все проблемы мира) на своих плечах
    Mary seems to be burdened by all the problems of the world as if she were carrying the weight of it on her shoulders.
  • carry through with (something)
    приводить что-либо в исполнение
    The shoe factory carried through with their plan to boost production.
  • cash-and-carry
    оплата покупки наличными
    In a cash-and-carry store goods are usually sold at lower prices.