Идиомы на букву C

  • cut (someone) a check
    выписать кому-либо чек
    They cut the plumber a check for the work that he had done.
  • cut (someone) down to size
    доказать чью-либо несостоятельность
    My boss tried to cut me down to size when he showed to me a few mistakes in my project.
  • cut (someone) in
    делиться с кем-либо
    My friend cut me in on the profits from selling new TV sets.
  • cut (someone) off
    прервать кого-либо, обрывать разговор
    Ben tried to tell his mother about the accident, but she cut him off before he had any opportunity.
  • cut (someone) off without a penny
    оставить кого-либо без копейки, лишать наследства
    Martha was determined to file for a divorce, but her husband threatened to cut her off without a penny.
  • cut (someone) to the quick
    задеть за живое, сильно обидеть кого-либо
    Emma was cut to the quick when her friend betrayed her.
  • cut a deal
    договориться, устроить сделку
    We had to cut a deal with the contractor before the construction workers started to add on another room in our house.
  • cut a fine figure
    нарядиться и хорошо выглядеть
    Alec cut a fine figure when he went to the job interview last week.
  • cut a wide swath
    привлекать много внимания
    This actress cut a wide swath at once when she appeared on the screen for the first time.
  • cut above (someone or something)
    немного лучше, чем кто-либо/ что-либо
    The new manager is a cut above the previous one.
  • cut across
    идти напрямую
    When I was cutting across the field, an angry bull came running to me.
  • cut and dried
    заранее подготовленный, в законченном виде
    My boss wanted me to show him the project which was cut and dried.
  • cut and run
    убегать, удирать
    The thief cut and ran when he saw a police car approaching him.
  • cut back
    урезать, использовать меньше
    I have to cut back on petrol because it has become very expensive.
  • cut back on (something)
    уменьшить количество чего-либо, сократить
    They had to cut back on the amount of money for medication.
  • cut both ways
    поддерживать обе стороны в споре "и нашим, и вашим"
    I don't think much of your argument as it cuts both ways.
  • cut class
    пропускать занятия
    There is no excuse for the students' cutting class.
  • cut corners
    The parents had to cut corners when their son began to attend a medical school.
  • cut down on something
    уменьшать количество чего-либо, экономить на чём-либо
    I am short of money so I have to cut down on beer.
  • cut from the same cloth
    люди одного склада, "одного поля ягода"
    My friend and I have a lot of similarities as if we were cut from the same cloth.
  • cut no ice with (someone)
    не иметь никакого влияния на кого-либо
    I am sorry I can't influence your brother; I cut no ice with him.
  • cut off (someone or something)
    прервать кого-либо \ что-либо
    Their conversation was cut off by a knock on the door.
  • cut off one's nose to spite one's face
    причинить вред себе, желая досадить другому
    If David refused to make any advantageous deals, he would be cutting off his nose to spite his face.
  • cut one's (own) throat
    сделать что-либо во вред себе, перерезать себе горло
    "If you quit your job, you'll cut your own throat."
  • cut one's eyeteeth on (something)
    начать что-либо делать ещё в раннем детстве
    Selma cut her eyeteeth on acting and now she is a great actress.
  • cut one's losses
    снизить, уменьшить потери
    To cut their losses they should sell the old machinery as soon as possible.
  • cut out (something)
    перестать делать что-либо, устранять
    My friend was teasing me and I asked her to cut it out.
  • cut out for (something)
    иметь призвание к чему-либо, подходить для чего-либо
    I believe Sharon has a way with children; she is cut out for being a teacher.
  • cut out the deadwood
    избавляться от бесполезных, непроизводительных работников
    There are a lot of uncreative people in the firm. I think it's necessary to cut out the deadwood.
  • cut the mustard
    подходить во всех отношениях, соответствовать своему назначению
    William found the proposition that exactly cut the mustard.
  • cut to the chase
    добраться до сути дела
    I need the information badly so that I can cut to the chase.
  • cut-rate
    сниженная цена
    Kevin's brother bought a cut-rate computer at the second-hand store.