Идиомы на букву D

  • do not have a leg to stand on
    не иметь поддержки, оправдания
    Robert did not have a leg to stand on in the defense of his behavior.
  • do one's best
    очень стараться, делать всё возможное
    "I will try to do my best to help you."
  • do one's bit/part
    делать свою часть (работы), вносить свою лепту
    My friend is a volunteer and she does her bit at the animal shelter.
  • do one's duty
    исполнять свой долг
    The guard at the shop was doing his duty when he saw one of the customers steeling clothes.
  • do one's thing
    делать то, что нравиться
    His sister enjoys doing her thing whenever she can afford the time.
  • do or die
    делать усилие, совершать подвиг
    It is do or die for me if I start my own small business.
  • do something by the book
    следовать правилам
    "If you want to win the case, you should do everything by the book."
  • do something rash
    совершить необдуманный, безрассудный поступок
    I know Alec is going to change his job, but I don't want him to do anything rash.
  • do the dishes
    мыть посуду
    The only thing I hate doing about the house is washing the dishes.
  • do the honors
    выполнять обязанности хозяина, принимающего гостей
    My host asked me if I would like to do the honors and pour everybody a drink.
  • do the trick
    достичь цели, добиться своего
    They installed some new equipment, hoping that it would do the trick and solve their problem.
  • do time
    сидеть в тюрьме, "мотать срок"
    Harry Jones has committed a crime and now he is doing time.
  • do with (someone or something)
    иметь дело с кем-либо/чем-либо; ладить с кем-либо
    He could never do with a talking wife; he must have quiet at home.
  • do with (something)
    довольствоваться чем-либо, обойтись чем-либо
    "I am not very hungry; I could do with a piece of cold meat for dinner."
  • do without (something)
    обходиться без чего-либо
    I didn't save enough money, so I will have to do without holiday this year.
  • do wonders
    творить чудеса
    Sandra began taking this medicine for her heart ailment and it did wonders.
  • dog and pony show
    представление лишь для того, чтобы произвести впечатление (как в цирке)
    I asked a few questions about the project, but all I got was a dog and pony show.
  • dog in the manger
    собака на сене (о человеке, не желающим делать что-либо и мешающим другим)
    Agatha lived alone in that big house, but she didn't let her relatives share it with her; she was like a dog in the manger.
  • dog-eat-dog
    человек человеку – волк, волчьи законы
    In Alaska during the gold rush gold-miners had a dog-eat-dog life.
  • doll (oneself) up
    разодеться, вырядиться
    Dora was all dolled up for Mark's birthday party.
  • dollar for dollar
    принимая во внимание стоимость
    Dollar for dollar, going to the Swiss Alps for a holiday is a good deal.
  • don't give up the ship
    не переставать бороться, не терять надежды
    Franklin didn't want to give up the ship and quit the company.
  • Don't hold your breath.
    Не жди напрасно.
    "Don't hold your breath," Wanda said when Steve had proposed marriage.
  • done for
    быть совершенно непригодным, разрушенным, загубленным
    "Don't you think that our old cottage is done for?"
  • done in
    сильно устать
    After a long walk in the forest we were all done in.
  • done to a T
    приготовлено, как надо
    I like meat to be done to a T.
  • done with (something)
    закончить использовать что-либо, покончить с чем-либо
    I was done with the book so I let my friend read it.
  • donkey's years
    очень долгое время
    Fanny had been working at a shoe factory for donkey's years before she retired.
  • doomed to failure
    обречённый на неудачу (на провал)
    The performance is doomed to failure because only amateurs are engaged in it.
  • dose/taste of one's own medicine
    отплатить той же монетой
    "You needn't feel hurt; you got a dose of your own medicine."
  • double back
    возвращаться туда, где были раньше (к началу пути)
    We got lost in the woods and decided to double back to the place where we had been.
  • double check (something)
    перепроверить что-либо
    The boss wanted me to double check the price of the new product before it is put on the market.
  • double date
    одновременное свидание двух пар
    Bob and Mary went with Susan and William on a double date.
  • double up
    жить вдвоём в одной комнате
    Wilma had to double up in the dorm though she'd rather not to share the room with anybody.
  • double-cross (someone)
    обманывать, "обвести вокруг пальца"
    Don't trust Samuel Kortney, he is sure to double-cross you.