Идиомы на букву D

  • double-talk
    ничего не значащая, пустая болтовня
    Macklin gave me much double-talk, but I didn't understand what he was driving at.
  • doubting Thomas
    человек, который во всём сомневается, "Фома неверующий"
    Fred is a doubting Thomas; he always needs a strong proof to believe something.
  • down and dirty
    подлый, нечестный, скверный
    It is down and dirty to use cheat sheets at the exams.
  • down for the count
    закончить (на сегодня)
    The construction workers were down for the count; they will resume work on Monday.
  • down in the dumps
    в унынии, павший духом
    Jim saw Henry coming out of a third-rate hotel, looking terribly down in the dumps.
  • down in the mouth
    (быть) подавленным, несчастным
    I felt sorry for Felicity; she looked so down in the mouth.
  • down on (someone)
    сердиться на кого-либо
    My teacher was down on me because I had missed a lot of classes.
  • down on one's luck
    (быть) в беде, в тяжёлом положении
    Alan is down on his luck and I am sorry for him.
  • down one's alley
    соответствовать чьим-либо вкусам и способностям
    I like designing interiors, so the profession of an interior designer is down my alley.
  • down the drain
    пускать (деньги) на ветер
    My father didn't want to pay my extravagant expenses; he said it was money down the drain.
  • down the hatch
    (пей) до дна (говорится пьющему)
    The toast-master said 'down the hatch' when our glasses were filled.
  • down the line
    впереди, в будущем
    Mary is very young and many changes await her down the line.
  • down the tubes
    быть разрушенным (о планах, намерениях)
    All of her plans went down the tubes after she had got infected with AIDS.
  • down to earth
    практичный, приземлённый
    Celia is very down to earth, has always been.
  • down to the bone
    полностью, до самого корня \ до костей
    The weather was very frosty, and it chilled me right down to the bone.
  • down to the last detail
    до малейшей детали
    Jim wrote down his business plan, describing everything in it, right down to the last detail.
  • down to the wire
    вплоть до крайнего срока
    The workers went down to the wire and were able to complete the construction of the bridge on time.
  • down with (an illness)
    слечь, заболеть
    Fisher was down with a cold. He had to stay in bed for a couple of days.
  • down-and-out
    разорённый, не имеющий денег
    After the collapse of the company in which he had invested Jeffrey Archer was down and out.
  • down-at-the-heels
    плохо, бедно, неряшливо одетый
    The bag lady sitting on a bench in the park was down at the heels.
  • down/out for the count
    Joe seemed to be down for the count because his boss didn't approve of his project.
  • drag in (someone or something)
    втянуть в дискуссию, вовлечь в разговор
    Theresa is capable of dragging in her personal problems in every conversation.
  • drag on
    утомительно тянуться
    The meeting dragged on for more than two hours.
  • drag on (someone)
    обуза для кого-либо
    "Could you possibly take me to an outing with you? I shan't be a drag on you, I promise."
  • drag one's feet/heels
    медлить, мешкать
    "I don't think you should be dragging your feet about whether to take part in the conference or not."
  • draw (someone) out
    вызывать на разговор
    My friend is a very reserved person; it's extremely difficult to draw her out.
  • draw a blank
    потерпеть неудачу, ничего не добиться
    He called the hotel, his father's office and his club. He drew a blank everywhere.
  • draw a line between two things
    провести границу, разграничить
    It's difficult to draw a line between two things: one's health and one's well-being.
  • draw blood
    ранить до крови
    The fencers are not supposed to draw blood during the competition or while exercising.
  • draw fire
    навлечь критику
    This film drew fire as soon as it was released.
  • draw first blood
    первое очко или балл, завоёванный в соревновании
    The fencer started well and drew first blood in the tournament, but unfortunately in the end he was defeated.
  • draw in one's horns
    тратить меньше денег, "затянуть пояс"
    I have been short of money lately, so I have to draw in my horns.
  • draw interest
    привлекать внимание, казаться интересным
    The exhibition of modern art didn't draw interest of the public at large.
  • draw lots/straws
    тянуть жребий
    Nobody among my roommates volunteered to do the room so we had to draw straws.
  • draw the line
    установить предел, ограничить
    The government had to draw the line at selling imported goods in the country.