Идиомы на букву L

  • long and the short of it
    короче говоря, вот и весь сказ
    Adam got fired because he didn't do his job well; that's the long and the short of it.
  • long arm of the law
    неизбежное наказание, "у закона длинные руки"
    No matter where a criminal is he will be found and punished due to the long arm of the law.
  • long face
    унылый вид, кислая физиономия
    He pulled a long face when he heard the news of his former girlfriend's engagement.
  • long haul
    долгий период времени
    The hunters decided to stay in the forest for the long haul and not return to the village.
  • long in the tooth
    (быть) старым, песок сыплется (длинные зубы у лошади – признак старости)
    My Uncle Ben was very long in the tooth but very spry.
  • long shot
    имеющий мало шансов на успех
    It was a long shot that I would get a role in this film, but I was lucky.