Идиомы на букву L

  • lay (someone) to rest
    похоронить кого-либо
    Nancy died two days ago and was laid to rest today.
  • lay (something) on (someone)
    перекладывать вину на кого-либо
    "Don't try to lay the blame on me; it's not my fault that the TV set won't work."
  • lay (something) on the line
    говорить прямо и твёрдо о чем-либо, "выложить начистоту"
    Sheila laid it on the line and told Samantha to stop gossiping.
  • lay (something) on the table
    представить что-либо для обсуждения, изложить свои соображения
    Lionel saw all the drawbacks of the project and felt it his duty to lay his concerns on the table.
  • lay (something) to rest
    избавиться от чего-либо, "похоронить слухи"
    "I would like to lay the rumors about the problems in our family to rest."
  • lay a finger on (someone or something)
    трогать руками кого-либо \ что-либо
    My Mom told me not to lay a finger on the valuable vase because it can be easily broken.
  • lay an egg
    провалиться, не заинтересовать (зрителей), не иметь успеха
    The film was awfully poor, and no wonder it laid an egg with the audience.
  • lay away money
    откладывать (деньги), копить
    The boy was trying to lay away some money to buy a bicycle.
  • lay down one's life (for someone or something)
    отдать свою жизнь ради кого-либо \ чего-либо
    Thousands of young men laid down their lives for America in the Iraq war.
  • lay down the law
    устанавливать правило, говорить безапелляционным тоном
    He hated hard-mouthed women who laid down the law and knew more than he did.
  • lay eyes on (someone or something)
    увидеть, заметить
    "How do you know Sara is ugly-looking? You have never laid eyes on her."
  • lay hold of (something)
    ухватиться за что-либо, овладеть чем-либо
    Olaf laid hold of a hammer and quickly fixed the bench in the garden.
  • lay in (something)
    делать запасы чего-либо, откладывать на будущее
    I'd like to lay in a good stock of books for the holidays.
  • lay it on thick
    преувеличивать, "сгущать краски"
    "You needn't praise him too much; he didn't do it alone, so don't lay it on thick."
  • lay low
    прятаться, скрываться, не попадаться на глаза
    He was wanted by the police of all the states, so he had to lay low until he could leave the country.
  • lay of the land
    положение дел, вещей
    "You'd better check out the lay of the land before you sign the agreement."
  • lay off (someone)
    оставить кого-либо в покое
    "Please Martin, stop bothering Kelly, lay off the new student."
  • lay off (something)
    прекратить использовать что-либо (алкоголь, наркотики, сигареты)
    Rick promised to lay off drugs, but he didn't keep his promise.
  • lay one's cards on the table
    дать знать о своих намерениях, чувствах; "выложить карты на стол"
    I decided to lay my cards on the table and tell my boyfriend openly that I had fallen out of love with him.
  • lay one's eyes on (someone or something)
    увидеть кого-либо \ что-либо
    "I have lost my glasses. Will you, lease, tell me if you lay your eyes on them?"
  • lay one's hands on (someone or something)
    найти, завладеть кем-либо \ чем-либо, прибрать к рукам
    "If I can lay my hands on a screwdriver, I'll fix your iron."
  • lay one's hands on (someone)
    применить силу к кому-либо
    "If I ever see you near my house, I'll lay my hands on you!"
  • lay one's hands on (something)
    найти, приобрести что-либо
    If I can lay my hands on a screwdriver, I'll fix your iron."
  • lay out (money)
    тратить (деньги), "выложить деньги"
    "If we buy this house, we will have to lay out a lot of money on repairs, and that's a heavy outlay."
  • lay out (something)
    планировать что-либо
    I took a bite to eat and then started laying out my plans.
  • lay the blame on (someone or something)
    винить кого-либо \ что-либо, возлагать ответственность
    She was not going to lay the blame on anyone; it was her fault that the documents were missing.
  • lay up (a vessel)
    поставить на прикол
    The fishermen usually lay up their boats for winter time.
  • lay up (something)
    копить, запасать
    My mother is planning to lay up vegetables for the winter.
  • lay waste (to something)
    нанести урон чему-либо
    The storm laid waste to a vast territory.