Идиомы на букву L

  • learn to live with (something)
    научиться жить с чем-либо (неприятным или болезненным)
    Sam broke his leg three months ago and he is still limping. I am afraid he has to live with it.
  • live (something) down
    пережить что-либо неприятное (стыд, позор)
    Bob lived down the embarrassment of the situation quite easily.
  • live a life of (something)
    жить какой-либо жизнью
    Felix Moody has been living a life of luxury since he inherited much money from his father.
  • live and learn
    век живи, век учись
    "Live and learn", my father said, having learnt how to use a computer.
  • live and let live
    сам живи и другим не мешай
    I believe that one should live and let live, and I am not in the habit of criticizing other people.
  • live beyond one's means
    жить не по средствам
    Timothy has been living beyond his means for quite some time and is now in a serious trouble.
  • live by one's wits
    жить своим умом
    "Don't listen to other people's advice. You should live by your wits."
  • live down (something)
    заставить забыть, загладить, искупить (вину)
    Patrick couldn't live down his loss.
  • live for the moment
    жить одним днём, не планировать на будущее
    If one lives for the moment, he may have difficulties in the future.
  • live from hand to mouth
    жить впроголодь, с трудом перебиваться
    Steven had neither work nor home and was living from hand to mouth.
  • live happily ever after
    с тех пор жить счастливо
    They got married thirty years ago and lived happily ever after.
  • live in
    жить в том месте, где работаешь (няня, гувернантка и т.д.)
    Ann decided to get a job where she could live in with her two children.
  • live in a fish bowl
    жить в тесноте, бок о бок с другими людьми
    Everybody knew about his life and personal affairs in that small place; it was like living in a fish bowl.
  • live in an ivory tower
    жить, не зная житейских забот
    I think Helen lives in an ivory tower; she is unaware of the realities of everyday life.
  • live it up
    хорошо проводить время
    When I am not busy at work, I like to live it up.
  • live off the fat of the land
    жить натуральным хозяйством
    Paul lives in a very remote place, so he mostly has to live off the fat of the land.
  • live on borrowed time
    жить или работать дольше положенного срока
    My old fridge has been living on borrowed time for quite some time.
  • live out of a suitcase
    переезжать с места на место, "жить на чемоданах"
    Betty's life is quite different now from the way it used to be. She doesn't have to travel so much and live out of a suitcase.
  • live through (something)
    пережить, перенести что-либо
    The people in this area lived through a disaster. One hundred and forty people lost their lives in the earthquake.
  • live up to (something)
    жить согласно каким-либо принципам, быть достойным, оправдывать (ожидания)
    His wife was a famous actress, and he felt he could never live up to her fame.
  • live up to one's end of the bargain
    сделать, как было обещано
    Yates promised to supply the shop with mineral water, but he did not live up to his end of the bargain.
  • live within one's means
    жить по средствам
    My credo is to live within my means and to spend no more than I earn.