Идиомы на букву L

  • lost and gone forever
    утерян, утрачен навсегда
    The insurance company will pay to rebuild the house. They say t the house will be as good as new. But many of the things in the house were lost and gone forever.
  • lost cause
    безнадёжное, проигранное дело
    Trying to change the work habits of our secretary is a lost cause. She will never change.
  • lost in the shuffle
    упустить из виду или быть утерянным в запутанной или неблагоприятной ситуации
    As the family was moving from place to place, some of their utensils were lost in the shuffle of the move.
  • lost in thought
    быть погружённым в свои мысли
    James was lost in thought when somebody knocked on his door.
  • lost on (someone)
    затрачивать напрасно, не иметь должного эффекта
    Jim's mother insisted that he do better at school, but her words were lost on him.
  • lost-and-found
    бюро находок
    I left my camera in the train and went to the lost-and-found office at the train station to regain it.