Идиомы на букву L

  • let (someone) down
    подвести кого-либо, разочаровать
    The construction workers said they would have finished the house, but the electricians had let them down.
  • let (someone) down easy
    сообщать неприятные новости дружелюбно, ободряющее
    I don't think I'll be able to let her down easy about her not being admitted to the university.
  • let (someone) go
    выпускать из тюрьмы или из-под ареста
    The judge decided to let the young man go because there was no evidence to incriminate him.
  • let (someone) have it
    сильно ударить кого-либо, сурово наказать
    I saw two men fighting in the park. The bigger man let the other one have it.
  • let (someone) have it (with both barrels)
    Ms Nolan let her husband have it with both barrels when he had lost his car keys.
  • let (someone) in on (something)
    сообщить кому-либо что-либо по секрету
    They didn't let their relatives in on their secret plan to buy a new yacht.
  • let (someone) know (about something)
    дать кому-либо знать о чём-либо
    "Good-bye, darling. Have a nice trip! Let me know when you arrive at the airport."
  • let (someone) off
    выпускать (из транспорта)
    The car stopped at the door of a small house and let a young woman with a dog off.
  • let (someone) off (easy)
    освобождать от наказания
    The judge let Jeremy Brown off easy in spite of the fact that he was guilty of an assault.
  • let (someone) off the hook
    простить кого-либо, отпустить без наказания
    The teacher let me off the hook, so I didn't have to stay after the lessons to do the lines.
  • let (something) go
    не обращать внимания на что-либо, пренебрегать
    Karen seemed to have let Mark's unpleasant remark go.
  • let (something) loose
    дать чему-либо волю (воображению, гневу и т.д.)
    Linda let her imagination loose. She saw in her mind's eye how she traveled round the world.
  • let (something) off
    выстрелить, разрядить ружьё
    In some countries it is a custom to let off firecrackers during the celebrations.
  • let (something) pass
    не стоит говорить об этом, "проехали"
    He didn't mention my participation in the project, but I decided to let it pass.
  • let (something) ride
    продолжать делать что-либо (не изменяя ситуации)
    I advised my friend to forget about the recent problems in her family and let the whole matter ride.
  • let (something) slide
    пренебрегать чем-либо, запускать, манкировать
    Jack let his studies slide because he had taken a part time job in a shop.
  • let (something) slide by
    забыть или пропустить что-либо важное
    My cousin Elena got offended because I let her birthday slide by.
  • let (something) slip (out)
    невзначай раскрыть секрет, проговориться
    Tim was angry with me because I let the information about his quitting the job slip out.
  • let (something) slip by
    забыть или пропустить что-либо важное
    I let my parent's wedding anniversary slip by without congratulating them on the occasion.
  • let alone (something)
    не говоря уж о чём-либо
    I don't have enough time to write a letter let alone write an essay.
  • let bygones be bygones
    кто прошлое помянет (тому глаз вон)
    "Let's forget about our quarrel; let bygones be bygones."
  • let down one's hair
    отдыхать, расслабиться
    We went on a picnic and let down our hair.
  • let go of (something)
    выпускать из рук
    He let go of the tea cup; it fell on the floor and broke to pieces.
  • let go with (something)
    закричать что-либо, испустить вопль
    Mrs. Brown let go with a loud scream when she saw a mouse run out from under the bed.
  • let grass grow under one's feet
    бездельничать, лениться, попусту тратить время
    If you want to be successful, don't let grass grow under your feet.
  • let it all hang out
    высказать всю правду
    Mark made up his mind to let it all hang out and tell his friend about his misbehavior.
  • let it rip
    дать полный ход
    William let it rip and left the shore in his motorboat.
  • let off steam
    выпустить пар
    I was so angry that let off steam and didn't calm down for a long time.
  • let on
    выдавать (секрет)
    "Please don't let on to Charley; he would kill me if he knew."
  • let one's emotions show
    давать выход своим эмоциям (часто не уместным)
    The teacher let her emotions show when some of the students didn't leave the classroom during the break.
  • let one's hair down
    вести себя свободно, отдыхать и веселиться
    After the dance, the college girls let their hair down and compared dates.
  • let oneself go
    стать менее скованным
    Pauline went to her friend's party and let herself go for the evening.
  • let out (some kind of sound)
    испустить (звук)
    Steven let out a strange, long sound.
  • let out (someone)
    отпустить (с занятий, практики и, и т.д.)
    The children were let out of class early yesterday because of the parents' meeting.
  • let out (something)
    выпустить, позволить убежать
    My brother didn't want to walk the dog, so he just let it out.