Leg and Foot

  • Achilles' heel (of someone or something)

    слабое место кого-либо \ чего-либо

    Jack is not able to insist on his arguments and that's his Achilles' heel.
  • at one's heels

    прямо позади, по пятам

    I turned round and saw a man who was close behind me, right at my heels.
  • back on one's feet

    снова встать на ноги (вернуть себе прежнее положение)

    Ms. Drurry has undergone a serious operation and now she is back on her feet.
  • balls of one's feet

    подушечки на ступне (около пальцев)

    I have been walking all day that's why the balls of my feet are very sore.
  • Break a leg!

    Желаю удачи! (используется перед выходом на сцену)

    "Break a leg!" one of the actors called to the lead actor.
  • bring (someone or something) to its/their knees

    нанести поражение, поставить кого-либо на колени

    The strike of the taxi drivers brought New York to its knees.
  • bring (someone) to heel

    заставить слушаться кого-либо

    When John was sixteen, he thought he could do as he pleased, but his father cut off his allowance, and this brought John to heel.
  • charley horse

    спазм, судорога

    Collin often gets a charley horse after running too much.
  • cool one's heels

    быть вынужденным ждать кого-либо из начальства

    Ann had to cool her heels for half an hour in the office before her boss would see her.
  • dead on one's feet

    быть очень усталым (целый день на ногах)

    Nora was dead on her feet after cleaning the house all day.
  • dig in one's heels

    отказываться изменить курс действия или своё мнение

    The electrical company disrupted the negotiations and dug in their heels against any improvements.
  • dip one's toe in the water

    начать делать что-либо и посмотреть, что из этого получится

    Jim decided to do some volunteer work at the animal shelter to dip his toe in the water of working in the veterinarian field.
  • down-at-the-heels

    плохо, бедно, неряшливо одетый

    The bag lady sitting on a bench in the park was down at the heels.
  • drag one's feet/heels

    медлить, мешкать

    "I don't think you should be dragging your feet about whether to take part in the conference or not."
  • feet of clay

    скрытый недостаток или слабость

    Paul Copperfield has feet of clay and may not last very long in his new position of a manager.
  • find one's feet

    привыкнуть к новой ситуации или опыту

    Tim Brown has finally found his feet in his new position.
  • follow in (someone's) footsteps

    следовать чьему-либо примеру, идти по чьим-либо стопам

    "I thought you had followed in your father's footsteps. He was an architect, wasn't he?"
  • footloose and fancy-free

    вольный, свободный от обязательств

    It's good to be footloose and fancy-free so that you can do whatever you want.
  • get a foothold (somewhere)

    получить отправную точку, начать (где-либо)

    The new construction company got a foothold in a medium-sized town.
  • get a toehold (somewhere)

    получить точку опоры, поддержку где-либо

    They have been able to get a toehold in the car market.
  • get cold feet

    струсить в последнюю минуту, спасовать

    "Did Collin help you to escape? - No, he got cold feet."
  • get off on the wrong foot

    плохо начать (в отношении с кем-либо, относительно чего-либо)

    Peggy got off on the wrong foot with her boss since her first day of work.
  • get one's feet wet

    начать делать что-либо впервые

    Mark got his feet wet in the furniture business; he had never done it before.
  • get one's foot in the door

    проникнуть, устроиться

    Olaf got his foot in the door of the pharmaceutical industry and he hopes to be successful.
  • get one's sea legs

    привыкнуть к чему-либо (например, к движению корабля)

    I couldn't get my sea legs on board the ship for a long time.
  • get to one's feet


    The students got to their feet at the end of the lecture.
  • go down on one's knees/on bended knee

    умолять, встать на колени

    Alice had to go down on her knees to ask her Mom's permission to go to her friend's party.
  • go toe-to-toe with (someone)

    стараться победить кого-либо в борьбе, споре, соревновании

    Sandra went toe-to-toe with her neighbor about the neighbor's dog.
  • have a foot in both camps

    поддерживать каждую из оппозиционных групп, "и нашим, и вашим"

    I suspect that the governor had a foot in both camps of opposing parties.
  • have a hollow leg

    быть в состоянии много есть и пить

    Tim is very fat; he definitely has a hollow leg.
  • have a lead foot

    слишком быстро водить машину

    I am afraid to go in Adam's car because he has a lead foot.
  • have a leg to stand on

    иметь поддержку, оправдание, свидетельство чего-либо

    Robert did not have a leg to stand on in the explanation of his behavior.
  • have a leg up on (someone)

    иметь преимущество перед кем-либо

    Rita knows two foreign languages and she has a leg up on the other applicants for the job.
  • have cold feet

    стесняться или бояться делать что-либо

    Sam must have cold feet because he reluctantly meets new people.
  • have foot-in-mouth disease


    Sally is very shy; she blushes easily. I think that she has foot-in-mouth disease.