Идиомы на букву M

  • make a clean sweep of (something)
    полностью избавиться, отделаться от чего-либо
    I want to make a clean sweep of everything I have learnt and start afresh.
  • make a cold call
    проводить опрос потенциальных клиентов по телефону
    My boss asked me to make cold calls from the telephone book.
  • make a comeback
    возвратиться (к прежней успешной карьере, власти, популярности)
    After the injury the figure skater has been training very hard in order to make a comeback.
  • make a day of it
    провести целый день, посвятить целый день чему-либо
    Ms. Brown made up her mind to make a day of it and clean the whole house.
  • make a dent in (something)
    делать успехи в чём-либо, продвинуться
    Marcia studied hard all day, but she didn't manage to make a dent in the amount of the material left.
  • make a difference
    существенно менять дело, быть важным
    It doesn't make a difference to me if they will invite me to stay with them or not.
  • make a face (at someone)
    корчить гримасы
    "Stop making a face at the monkey," said the mother. - "He began it first," answered the son.
  • make a fast/quick buck
    быстро и легко заработать деньги
    Alan Grove made a fast buck during the war by supplying ammunition for the army.
  • make a fool out of (someone)
    выставить кого-либо дураком
    "Don't you ever try to make a fool out of me! I am not going to believe your fancy stories."
  • make a fuss (over someone or something)
    волноваться из-за кого-либо \ чего-либо, шумно суетиться
    Gordon will never make a fuss over trifles.
  • make a go of (something)
    получить хорошие результаты чего-либо, преуспевать
    Fanny and Peter got engaged, but then they talked things over and decided they couldn't make a go of it.
  • make a great show of (something)
    выставить что-либо на показ
    Alec Snow tried to make a show of his new expensive car.
  • make a hit
    иметь успех
    The first night performance of Hamlet made a great hit.
  • make a killing
    заработать большие деньги
    David Rooster made a killing on the oil market during the boom.
  • make a laughingstock of (someone)
    высмеять кого-либо, сделать кого-либо посмешищем
    Young Tim likes to make a laughingstock of his fellow students, that's why nobody in his class likes him.
  • make a living
    зарабатывать на жизнь
    Sara doesn't earn enough to make a good living; she can hardly make both ends meet.
  • make a long story short
    короче говоря
    To make a long story short, I have never thought much of Jimmy; he is ill-mannered and boastful.
  • make a meal of (something)
    съесть что-либо (как единственное блюдо)
    We were not very hungry, so we made a meal of the meat our mother had fried for us.
  • make a mistake
    сделать ошибку
    Pat made a mistake in the dictation.
  • make a monkey out of (someone)
    заставить кого-либо выглядеть глупо, подшутить
    Anne's classmates made a monkey out of her by telling her the party was to be a masquerade.
  • make a motion
    выдвинуть предложение (на собрании)
    Mrs. Johnson made a motion at the parents' meeting to organize a student trip to the Field Museum.
  • make a mountain out of a molehill
    преувеличивать значимость чего-либо, "делать из мухи слона"
    "Don't make a mountain out of a molehill. I am sure you exaggerate the seriousness of your problem."
  • make a name for oneself
    стать известным, сделать себе имя
    Claudia has made a name for herself in the field of fashion.
  • make a night/evening of (doing something)
    весело проводить вечер за чем-либо
    It was very cold outside, so we decided to stay home and make a night of listening to music and dancing.
  • make a note of (something)
    записать что-либо, сделать пометки
    I made a note of the time to give the sick child the various capsules prescribed by the doctor.
  • make a nuisance of oneself
    надоедать, досаждать
    "I don't want your brother-in-law to come and stay with us; he is constantly making a nuisance of himself."
  • make a pass at (someone)
    приставать к кому-либо (с ухаживанием)
    Mark made a pass at Della, but she rejected his courtship.
  • make a pitch (for someone or something)
    способствовать получению, продвижению кого-либо \ чего-либо
    We'd like to make a pitch for some money from the local authorities so that we can build a playground for children.
  • make a play for (someone)
    пытаться заинтересовать кого-либо (в любовном плане)
    Lionel is trying to make a play for the girl who lives next door.
  • make a point
    сообщать, указать на, доказать важность
    Betty made a point on the necessity of installing a fire alarm in the house.
  • make a point of (doing/saying something)
    считать что-либо существенным, необходимым
    We always come to the stadium to watch a football match; we make a point of supporting our home team.
  • make a practice of (something)
    сделать что-либо своей привычкой
    He made a practice of jogging every morning.
  • make a reservation
    зарезервировать, заказать заранее
    I wish I had made a reservation in one of the London hotels beforehand.
  • make a run for it
    броситься бежать, спасаться бегством
    Leo made a run for it when he saw a fire in the building.
  • make a scene
    устраивать, закатывать сцену
    If they had to part, well, he would not make a scene.