Идиомы на тему Numbers

  • three sheets to the wind
    быть очень пьяным, нетвёрдо держаться на ногах
    I saw my neighbor walking down the street last night; he seemed to have three sheets to the wind.
  • two bricks shy of a load
    не умный, тупой, "винтиков не хватает"
    Martin is two bricks shy of a load and he is hard to deal with.
  • two can play that game
    ответить тем же, отплатить той же монетой
    Cora offended me; I told her that two can play that game, but actually I am not going to do the same to her.
  • two heads are better than one
    одна голова хорошо, а две лучше
    "Let's discuss these problems between the two of us; two heads are better than one, you know."
  • two of a kind
    два одинаковых (человека), "два сапога пара"
    John and Jack are two of a kind and they are always seen together.
  • two wrongs don't make a right
    злом зла не поправишь (посл.)
    Though Lionel's words hurt my feelings I am not going to try and offend him; I am sure two wrongs don't make a right.
  • two's company, three's a crowd
    где двое, там третий – лишний
    I was going out with my date, and I didn't want Jim to accompany us; I told him that two's company and three's a crowd.
  • two-time (someone)
    изменять кому-либо (супруге или супругу, партнёру)
    Silvia was very upset when she discovered that Tim was two-timing her.