Идиомы на тему Numbers

  • hundred and one
    очень много
    Viola can think of a hundred and one reasons when she does not want to date George.
  • hundred to one chance/shot
    очень маленький шанс, один из сотни
    Tim only has a hundred to one chance at getting the grant that he has applied for.
  • I/you/he for one
    что касается меня (тебя, его), я (ты, он) например
    A lot of people do not like certain foods. I for one never eat fish.
  • in one fell swoop
    одним разом
    In one fell swoop the Smiths sold their house in Fitchburg and moved to Canada.
  • in round figures/numbers
    округлённо, приблизительно
    Sally was able to learn, in round numbers, how much it would cost to buy a condo.
  • in seventh heaven
    (быть) на седьмом небе (от счастья)
    Sally has been in seventh heaven since Charley proposed marriage to her.
  • it takes two to tango
    делить ответственность на двоих, оба виноваты
    It takes two to tango, so Peter and Nick are both responsible for the damage of the car.
  • know a trick or two
    знать пару хитростей
    Gina knows a trick or two about how to handle her husband when he is angry or upset.
  • lesser of the two
    меньшее из двух
    I can pay either $80 or $100 for a bike; I think I'd rather pay the lesser of the two."
  • lesser of two evils
    меньшее из двух зол
    "I don't want to go shopping; I'd rather stay at home. I would prefer to choose the lesser of the two evils."
  • look after number one
    заботится только о себе, о своих интересах
    Hanna is very selfish; she only looks after number one, and she never helps other people.
  • million and one
    очень много, миллион (дел)
    I had to do a million and one things before my birthday party.
  • million dollar question
    важный, но трудный вопрос
    The million dollar question for them was whether to move their business to Chicago or not.
  • million miles away
    быть рассеянным, мечтательным
    I made an attempt to talk Vivian into joining us, but I saw that she was a million miles away and I gave it up.
  • nine times out of ten
    почти всегда, в девяти случаев из десяти
    Nine times out of ten if you have a car problem, it is not very big and it can easily be fixed.
  • nine-day's wonder
    кратковременная сенсация, предмет недолгих толков
    The pop singer was a nine day's wonder and it was not surprising that he was soon forgotten.
  • nine-to-five attitude
    делать что-либо по минимуму, не делать ничего лишнего
    My boss said he didn't like my nine-to-five attitude towards my work, and he asked me to be more active and creative.
  • no two ways about (something)
    об этом не может быть двух мнений
    "There are no two ways about it; you are to consult a doctor and do it immediately."
  • not give two hoots about (someone or something)
    совершенно не интересоваться кем-либо \ чем-либо
    Right now the public does not give two hoots about Kirby's disappearance.
  • not one iota
    ни капли
    It was absolutely evident that there was not one iota of truth in what the offender was saying.
  • not touch (someone or something) with a ten-foot pole
    ни за что не притронуться к кому-либо \ чему-либо
    Those magazines are completely uninteresting to me, and I would not touch them with a ten-foot pole.
  • number of (things or people)
    какое-то (неопределённое) число вещей или людей
    There are a number of things Tim is going to do on the weekend.
  • number one
    собственная персона, собственное "я"
    "I am speaking about myself; after all number one is what I know most about."
  • on all fours
    на четвереньках
    Sam was down on all fours as he was looking for his slippers.
  • on cloud nine
    на седьмом небе (от счастья)
    Olaf was on cloud nine because he had found a very well paid job at last.
  • once in a while
    иногда, время от времени
    I go to visit my Aunt Theresa once in a while.
  • one after another
    один за другим
    I understood the meaning of the proverb 'it never rains but it pours' when misfortunes began to come one after another.
  • one and all
    все, все вместе
    The members of the council one and all were devoted to the public good.
  • one and only
    единственный, уникальный
    There was an interview with the one and only inventor of a digital camera.
  • one and the same
    тот же самый \ одно и тоже
    It is one and the same book which I saw in the book store.
  • one at a time
    каждый отдельно, по одному
    While eating meat, cut off a piece and eat it one at a time.
  • one by one
    один за другим
    The film being over, the people were leaving the auditorium one by one.
  • one for the (record) books
    что-либо необычное или из ряда вон выходящее
    His latest article about the origin of the Universe is one for the books.
  • one for the road
    (выпить) на посошок
    We stayed in the bar for two hours and had one for the road before leaving it.
  • one good turn deserves another
    долг платежом красен
    I was happy to help Dana with an essay after she had helped me with my English homework. One good turn deserves another, you know.