Идиомы на букву O

  • out on patrol
    Sergeant Thompson was out on patrol when he saw a car speeding.
  • out on the town
    праздновать в городе
    It's my birthday the day after tomorrow and we are going to be out on the town.
  • out to lunch
    сумасшедший, "тронутый"
    "You must be out to lunch to suggest our sailing during the storm."
  • out-and-out (something)
    несомненно, бесспорно, целиком и полностью, убеждённый, матёрый, отъявленный
    The man is an out-and-out scoundrel, and I refuse to have anything in common with him.
  • out-of-date
    устаревший, вышедший из моды
    "Look at this dress! Don't you think it is out-of-date?"
  • out-of-pocket expenses
    расход собственных денежных средств
    Salem went on a business trip to Mexico and his out-of-pocket expenses were very high.
  • outgrow (something)
    перерасти, вырасти из чего-либо
    My daughter has outgrown most of her summer frocks.
  • outguess (someone)
    предугадать действия кого-либо
    My father is unpredictable; it is impossible to outguess him.
  • outside of (something)
    I couldn't hear any sounds outside of the whisper of the wind.
  • outside the box
    не быть связанным устаревшими представлениями
    I am not bound by outdated ideas; I can be creative and think outside the box.
  • outsource (something)
    использовать внешние ресурсы чего-либо
    The food production company outsourced many of their products.
  • over (someone's) head
    (сделать что-либо) через чью-либо голову
    They did not receive any answer from the manager, so they went over his head and talked to the chief executive.
  • over a barrel
    быть в беспомощной ситуации, быть в ловушке
    "You have me over a barrel; I am in the position where I have no choice but accept your terms."
  • over and done with
    Ron wanted to get project over and done with as soon as possible.
  • over and over
    неоднократно, много раз, повторно
    She asked for help over and over, but no one gave her a hand.
  • over one's dead body
    не позволить, "только через мой труп"
    Over my dead body will I let my daughter go out with Tim.
  • over one's head
    не в состоянии понять
    All this is over my head; I am not able to understand what they want.
  • over the hill
    не в состоянии работать, как прежде; "время ушло"
    My work performance is not what it used to be; I am definitely over the hill.
  • over the hump
    закончить трудную часть (чего-либо)
    That is the most difficult part of the project, but fortunately we are over the hump with it.
  • over the long run/haul
    в течение длительного периода времени
    Over the long run Tom has been dreaming of expanding his business.
  • over the short run/haul
    в недалёком будущем
    Over the short run our town will change drastically.
  • over the top
    чрезмерный, излишний
    His anxiety about his health is over the top.
  • over the worst
    выздоравливать, худшее позади
    Little Jenny was seriously ill. She is much better now; actually she is over the worst.
  • over with
    подойти к концу, закончиться
    When the performance was over with, the audience began to pour out of the auditorium.
  • overnight (something)
    послать что-либо, так чтобы доставка была на следующий день
    I wanted to have the documents delivered the next day, so I decided to overnight them.
  • owing to (someone or something)
    из-за кого-либо \ чего-либо
    Owing to the crisis a lot of factories in the country stopped operating.
  • own up to (something)
    сознаться в чём-либо
    The man was suspected of murdering his wife, but he never owned up to it.