Идиомы на букву O

  • one little bit
    нисколько (обычно в отрицательном предложении)
    Jimmy did not agree with his boss one little bit about his work performance.
  • one man's meat is another man's poison
    что полезно одному, то вредно другому
    One man's meat is another man's poison and while my friend doesn't like fish, I love it.
  • one of the boys
    принятый в компанию, признанный как член группы
    Paul is an accepted member of a Green Peace group; he is one of the boys.
  • one of these days
    на днях, скоро, когда-нибудь (в будущем)
    One of these days I am going to become rich.
  • one of those days
    несчастливый, неудачный день
    It was one of those days that all my plans were ruined.
  • one of those things
    что-либо неудачное, то с чем приходится мириться
    I lost my job; it is one of those things that nothing can be done about.
  • one or two
    небольшое количество, один или два
    "There are only one or two things I can do for you, I am sorry."
  • One person's trash is another person's treasure.
    Что ценно одному, бесполезно другому.
    One person's trash is another person's treasure that's what my father used to say bringing home old car spare parts.
  • one sandwich short of a picnic
    не сообразительный, "одного винтика не хватает"
    My neighbor is one sandwich short of a picnic; he is not very smart.
  • one that got away
    упущенная возможность, не пойманная рыба
    John said that he had caught a lot of fish, but the biggest one was the one that got away.
  • one thing leads to another
    одно влечёт за собой другое
    One thing led to another and suddenly we began to quarrel with my brother.
  • one to a customer
    в одни руки (только один товар каждому покупателю)
    The sports store had a limit of one to a customer of the fishing tackles that were on sale.
  • one up on (someone)
    иметь преимущество, быть на один шаг впереди кого-либо
    Simon is one up on the other employees because he works very hard.
  • one way or another
    так или иначе
    One way or another I am not going to attend the annual conference on Monday.
  • one's bark is worse than one's bite
    чьи-либо слова страшнее, чем его дела
    Ma Brooks is always scolding her children, but they know her bark is worse than her bite, and they are not afraid of her.
  • one's chickens have come home to roost
    беда бедою отзовётся (то плохое, что желаете другому вернётся к вам)
    Margaret's chickens have come home to roost and she has to take responsibility for what she has done.
  • one's days are numbered
    чьи-либо дни сочтены
    I think Steve's days at work are numbered; he had been very rude to the customers and they complained.
  • one's feet are on the ground
    практичный, прочно стоящий на земле человек
    My mother is a hard-working woman and she always has her feet on the ground.
  • one's flesh and blood
    близкий, кровный родственник
    Susan is my flesh and blood so I was shocked when I learnt that she had got involved in a fraud.
  • one's frame of mind
    расположение духа, состояние ума
    "Make sure your Dad is in a good frame of mind before you ask him for some pocket money."
  • one's goose is cooked
    погубить себя, пострадать от собственных козней, вырыть себе яму
    My brother's goose is cooked. Soon my father will discover that Paul has damaged his car.
  • one's hair stands on end
    сильно испугаться, "волосы встали дыбом"
    Miranda's hair stood on end. She was so scared that she sat rooted to her wheelchair unable to move or think.
  • one's hands are tied
    (чьи-либо) руки связаны
    Larry's hands were tied at that time, and he could do nothing to help me.
  • one's lucky number comes up
    кому-либо выпадает счастье, удача
    At last Felicity's lucky number came up; she was able to find a well-paid job.
  • one's lucky stars
    чья-либо счастливая звезда
    I don't have my lucky stars because nothing brings me luck or success in life.
  • one's money is on (someone)
    (быть) уверенным в чьей-либо победе (в соревнованиях, игре)
    Sam's money was on the popular baseball team; he was sure they would win the game.
  • one's name is mud
    плохая, "подмоченная" репутация
    Henry's name is mud now because he got involved in a car fraud.
  • one's number is up
    с кем-либо произойдёт что-то плохое
    I am afraid that my number is up, and I will soon lose my job.
  • one's opposite number
    такой же занимаемый пост, но в другой организации
    My boss spoke with his opposite number in another computer company, but they could not come to any agreement.
  • one's stamping grounds
    часто посещаемое, излюбленное место
    I often go to my old stamping grounds which I visited as a child.
  • one's tail between one's legs
    быть пристыженным или побеждённым
    Steve had boasted he would win the tournament, but he went home with his tail between his legs.
  • one-armed bandit
    игровой автомат, "однорукий бандит"
    William is always short of money because he spends a lot of time with a one-armed bandit.
  • one-night stand
    одноразовое представление
    The amateur drama theater gave a one-night stand last week.
  • one-track mind
    думать только об одном, "заклиниться" на одном
    Joanna is a workaholic and has a one-track mind. All she thinks about is her work.
  • one-two
    быстрые, решительные действия
    George gave me the one-two and I quickly agreed to lend him some money.