Идиомы на букву O

  • on tiptoe
    на цыпочках
    Her son was asleep, and the mother went on tiptoe so that she might not wake him up.
  • on top
    быть лидером, быть во главе
    Tim is a very capable student, and this semester he is on top of his class.
  • on top of (something)
    в дополнение, вдобавок
    Steve flew into a rage. That, on top of his nervousness, made him look sick and disgusted.
  • on top of (something/things)
    хорошо справляться с чем-либо
    "You are doing just fine; you are on top of your work."
  • on top of the world
    быть на седьмом небе, на верху блаженства
    The baseball players were on top of the world after they had won the game.
  • on trial
    быть под судом
    Tamara Cobra is on trial for shoplifting.
  • on vacation
    (быть) в отпуске или на каникулах
    I am supposed to be on vacation for two weeks either in June or in July.
  • on view
    (быть) на виду у всех
    The Tower of London is on view and everybody can admire it.
  • on your marks
    на старт (команда перед началом забега)
    The judge shouted "on your marks, get set, go" and the race began.
  • on/upon (someone's) head
    навлечь на свою голову
    Paul brought his parents' anger down on his head by pushing his little sister into a mud puddle.
  • on/upon one's head
    навлечь неприятности на свою голову
    "You yourself brought the anger of the boss on your head, so you needn't blame anybody else."
  • once and for all
    окончательно, раз и навсегда
    The father told his son once and for all that he would not let him use his car.
  • once in a blue moon
    очень редко
    I used to go to the beach once in a blue moon.
  • once in a lifetime
    один раз в жизни
    Sara understood that she could get that chance once in a lifetime.
  • once in a while
    иногда, время от времени
    I go to visit my Aunt Theresa once in a while.
  • once or twice
    один или два раза
    Allan went to Egypt for his holiday once or twice.
  • once upon a time
    когда-то давно
    Once upon a time there lived an old man and an old woman near the sea.
  • once-over
    беглый взгляд или осмотр
    The doctor gave the patient a once-over and pronounced him to be getting better.
  • one (for someone)
    один единственный, подходящий (человек) для кого-либо
    Fisher thought that Margaret was the one for him, so he was going to propose marriage.
  • one after another
    один за другим
    I understood the meaning of the proverb 'it never rains but it pours' when misfortunes began to come one after another.
  • one and all
    все, все вместе
    The members of the council one and all were devoted to the public good.
  • one and only
    единственный, уникальный
    There was an interview with the one and only inventor of a digital camera.
  • one and the same
    тот же самый \ одно и тоже
    It is one and the same book which I saw in the book store.
  • one at a time
    каждый отдельно, по одному
    While eating meat, cut off a piece and eat it one at a time.
  • one by one
    один за другим
    The film being over, the people were leaving the auditorium one by one.
  • one foot in the grave
    одной ногой в могиле
    My grandfather is ninety-nine and has one foot in the grave.
  • one for the (record) books
    что-либо необычное или из ряда вон выходящее
    His latest article about the origin of the Universe is one for the books.
  • one for the road
    (выпить) на посошок
    We stayed in the bar for two hours and had one for the road before leaving it.
  • one good turn deserves another
    долг платежом красен
    I was happy to help Dana with an essay after she had helped me with my English homework. One good turn deserves another, you know.
  • one heck/hell of a (someone or something)
    уникальный, редкий (как хороший, так и плохой)
    Jim is one hell of a driver; he never pays attention to traffic signs.
  • one in a hundred
    один \ одна из сотни
    About one in a hundred of the toys produced in China are dangerous for children's health.
  • one in a million
    уникальный, один на миллион
    My music teacher is very gifted; she is one in a million.
  • one in a thousand
    один из тысячи
    My chance of entering the Harvard is one in a thousand.
  • one in a thousand/hundred/million
    уникальный, редкий; один из тысячи, сотни; один на миллион
    I lost my purse in the shop and had a one in a million chance of finding it.
  • one jump/step ahead of (someone or something)
    (быть) на один шаг впереди кого-либо \ чего-либо
    Jack was one jump ahead of the other students in his Math class.