Идиомы на букву O

  • out front
    перед домом
    "Whose car is there out front, I wonder?"
  • out in force
    появиться в большом количестве
    The mosquitoes are generally out in force in June and the beginning of July.
  • out in left field
    неуместный или необычный
    Sam asked silly questions which were out in left field. I am sure he has no idea about the subject of the conversation.
  • out in the cold
    (быть) в одиночестве
    Jeremy was out in the cold after the family went to visit their aunt.
  • out like a light
    очень быстро заснуть
    I was so exhausted that went to bed early and I was out like a light.
  • out of (something)
    закончиться, истощиться (о запасах)
    I ran out of coffee and had tea for breakfast instead.
  • out of a clear blue sky
    внезапно, неожиданно, без предупреждения
    The news of his retirement came out of a clear blue sky and everyone was surprised.
  • out of all proportion
    преувеличенный, не соразмерный
    "Your complaints about your roommate are out of all proportion. I am sure he is not as bad as you think him to be."
  • out of bounds
    за границей, вне (игровой площадки)
    The puck went out of bounds, and one the hokey players had to kick it back.
  • out of breath
    прерывисто дышать, запыхаться
    Jim stopped near the entrance; he was out of breath because he had been running.
  • out of character
    не характерно
    Quarreling with neighbors is out of character for my mother. She almost never argues with people.
  • out of circulation
    быть не активным, не входить в компанию
    I am going on a business trip to Poland and will be out of circulation for a while.
  • out of commission
    (быть) в неисправности, не в строю
    My old car is out of commission; I am going to have it repaired.
  • out of condition
    быть в неважном физическом состоянии
    After my illness I was out of condition for a long time.
  • out of consideration for (someone or something)
    из уважения к кому-либо, из расчёта чего-либо
    The police did not release the names of the offenders out of consideration for the investigation.
  • out of control
    неудержимый, неконтролируемый, дикий
    The baseball fans were out of control after their team had lost the game.
  • out of courtesy
    из вежливости
    If our goods arrive later than expected, we always inform our customers about the delay out of courtesy.
  • out of earshot
    вне пределов слышимости
    I was not able to hear what my father was saying because I was out of earshot.
  • out of favor (with someone)
    в немилости, не в чести
    Jack was out of favor with his teacher because he had missed a lot of classes.
  • out of gas
    кончилось горючее (в машине); быть усталым, разбитым
    Sue had run out of gas three hundred meters from the filling station, and Bill offered to tow her car.
  • out of hand
    (выйти) из-под контроля
    The situation with the ransom money suddenly got out of hand and the police didn't know what to do.
  • out of keeping with (something)
    не по правилам
    Wearing casual clothes at work is out of keeping with the rules of the company.
  • out of kilter
    (быть) не сбалансированным; быть расположенным криво
    The picture on the wall is not only upside down but out of kilter as well.
  • out of line
    His project to organize a private zoo is out of line. It is not acceptable.
  • out of luck
    не везти, быть невезучим
    That day Samantha needed to find a babysitter for her baby son but she was out of luck.
  • out of necessity
    по необходимости, вследствие нужды
    The owner of a small shop had to close his business out of necessity. The shop was not profitable.
  • out of one's element
    не соответствовать, не подходить
    I was out of my element acting as interpreter for an American delegation; my English is not that good.
  • out of one's hair
    надоедать кому-либо
    My little brother is bothering me and I'd like to get him out of my hair.
  • out of one's league
    неравный кому-либо
    I soon discovered that my new acquaintance was out of my league.
  • out of one's mind/head/senses
    быть сумасшедшим, глупым, неразумным
    Silvia's friends thought she was out of her mind to have married Sullivan.
  • out of one's shell
    (выйти) из своей скорлупы, преодолеть смущение
    I tried to get the girl out of her shell, but I was not able to.
  • out of order
    (быть) испорченным, не работать
    I couldn't use my hair dryer because it was out of order.
  • out of place
    неуместный, неподходящий
    The bulky sofa in the living room looked out of place.
  • out of practice
    из-за недостатка практики
    I may get out of practice if I stay away from the piano too long.
  • out of print
    распроданный, разошедшейся (о книге, журнале, брошюре)
    The magazine is now out of print and is very difficult to get hold of.