Идиомы на букву O

  • one-upmanship
    способность сохранять преимущество
    Arnold's one-upmanship and his wish to be better than his colleagues sometimes annoys me.
  • only have eyes for (someone)
    быть верным только одному кому-то, смотреть только на одного
    Julian was in love with Theresa and only had eyes for her.
  • open (someone's) eyes to (something)
    открыть кому-либо глаза на что-либо
    Dan took pity on Kelly and wanted to open her eyes to what was going on in her family.
  • open (something) up
    открыть что-либо, распаковать
    She was afraid to open the parcel up; it seemed to her there was something horrible in it.
  • open a conversation
    начать разговор
    If you want to open a conversation with a stranger, you'd better start with the weather.
  • open and aboveboard
    (быть) честным, открытым
    Charles Willows and Brothers is a very good consulting company; they are open and aboveboard and they run their business very honestly.
  • open book
    лёгкий для понимания
    James is an open book; it is easy to know what he thinks or feels about things.
  • open fire on (someone)
    открыть огонь по кому-либо; выступить против кого-либо
    The security guard was about to open fire on the man who had got onto the territory of the factory.
  • open for business
    открыться (о магазине, ресторане и т.д.)
    This small jeweler's shop has been open for business since last year.
  • open one's heart to (someone)
    довериться, рассказать о своих чувствах
    There were just the two of us in the compartment and my fellow traveler started to open her heart to me.
  • open Pandora's box
    обнаружить ещё больше проблем, (ящик Пандоры)
    "Don't open Pandora's box; you might discover more problems than you can cope with."
  • open season on (someone or something)
    открыть сезон охоты на кого-либо \ что-либо; свободно критиковать
    "Why are you criticizing me all the time? Have you opened season on me?"
  • open secret
    секрет, ставший всеобщим достоянием; секрет полишинеля
    Silvia is quitting her job, but she doesn't want it to be an open secret.
  • open the door to (something)
    открыть путь к чему-либо, сделать возможным
    The new university program will open the door to many possibilities for the students.
  • open to (something)
    (быть) открытым для новых идей
    Our manager was open to new ideas; and it was interesting to work with him.
  • open up a can of worms
    создать ненужные осложнения или проблемы
    Wanda didn't want to create unnecessary complications; she decided not to open up a can of worms.
  • open up on (someone or something)
    напасть на кого-либо \ что-либо, открыть огонь
    The man with a revolver opened up on the policemen who were trying to detain him.
  • open up to (someone)
    открыться кому-либо, поговорить откровенно
    I have been dealing with a lot of stress lately and it is necessary for me to open up to someone.
  • open with (something)
    начать(ся) с чего-либо
    The parents' meeting opened with a speech from the school psychologist.
  • open-and-shut case
    простое, элементарное дело
    That is a simple and clear matter, and I hope it will be an open-and-shut case.
  • opening gambit
    благоприятная возможность, уступка для получения преимущества в дальнейшем
    "What about making a few concessions as your opening gambit?"
  • opposite sex
    противоположный пол
    The changing rooms in the school gym are divided into two parts for the members of the opposite sex.
  • OR
    Operating Room - операционная (в больнице)
    The patient was taken to the OR to be operated on for appendicitis.
  • or else
    а иначе
    The teacher told the students to hand in their term papers at the end of the week or else (they will suffer the consequences.)
  • or words to that effect
    другими словами
    My mother advised me not to date my new boy friend or words to that effect.
  • order (someone) around/about
    командовать кем-либо
    Pauline is very bossy; she likes to order everyone around.
  • order of the day
    то, что необходимо сделать; распоряжение
    The flood caused much destruction in the town, and the order of the day was to clean everything up.
  • other fish to fry
    другое (более важное) дело
    I didn't want to join them for a picnic; I had other fish to fry.
  • other side of the tracks
    другая часть города (более бедная или более богатая)
    Greg's parents didn't welcome his new friend as he came from the other side of the tracks.
  • other way round
    совсем наоборот, как раз наоборот
    Dorothy was a pattern of excellence, but her friend Cora was the other way round.
  • ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure
    предупреждение лучше, чем лечение
    An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure that's what I kept telling my son when he walked about without a cap in very cold weather.
  • out and about
    быть всё время в движении
    I am glad that Ms. Smith is out and about again; she was seriously ill not long ago.
  • out cold
    быть без сознания, упасть в обморок
    The girl was out cold when they found her lying in the street.
  • out for blood
    желать наказать кого-либо, жаждать крови
    The boy's mother was out for blood when she discovered that he was doing badly at school.
  • out from under (someone or something)
    освободить (ся) от кого-либо \ чего-либо
    My room is out from under the old furniture.