Идиомы на букву O

  • on guard
    быть начеку, настороже
    She was afraid of dark streets and was on guard when she had to walk along them.
  • on hand
    быть в распоряжении кого-либо, иметь при себе
    I had a splitting headache, but unfortunately I had no medicine on hand.
  • on hold
    в ожидании, во временной задержке
    The construction of the dwelling house is on hold because the construction company has run out of money.
  • on horseback
    верхом на лошади
    I saw Pam ride on horseback yesterday.
  • on ice
    быть отложенным или замороженным
    Our plans were put on ice, and we are afraid that no action will be taken for the foreseeable future.
  • on impulse
    (что-либо) незапланированное
    My brother purchased a digital camera on impulse.
  • on land
    на суше
    The sea was very rough, and we wished we were on land.
  • on line
    в Интернете, он лайн
    There are a lot of tests in various fields of knowledge on line.
  • on location
    на натуре (о съёмках фильма)
    The movie was shot on location in the Alps.
  • on medication
    на медикаментозном лечении (постоянный приём лекарств)
    My Grandma suffers from diabetes and has been on medication for many years.
  • on no account
    ни под каким видом, ни в коем случае
    Oscar would on no account have mentioned the fight with his best friend.
  • on occasion
    изредка, время от времени
    I stay with my relatives in the country on occasion.
  • on one's best behavior
    (быть) чрезвычайно вежливым
    I told my son to be on his best behavior when we went to visit my friend.
  • on one's chest
    (тяжело) на душе
    Zeta had many problems on her chest, but she was reluctant to confide in anyone.
  • on one's coat-tails
    в результате чьих-либо усилий
    This deputy was elected on his rich sponsors' coat-tails.
  • on one's feet
    быть на ногах
    Kelly has been very busy; she has been on her feet since early morning.
  • on one's guard
    осторожный, бдительный
    I saw that Tim was on his guard, but I didn't know the reason of his cautiousness.
  • on one's heels
    позади, следом
    When Steve walks his dog Fluffy, it is always on his master's heels.
  • on one's high horse
    важничать, относиться пренебрежительно
    I don't like Eva; she is always on her high horse and never has any regard for other people.
  • on one's honor
    честно и искренне
    Alec is absolutely trustworthy; he is on his honor when he looks after the money of the shipbuilding company.
  • on one's mind
    занимать все мысли
    "I'm glad you want to talk about this problem. It's been on my mind for days."
  • on one's own
    My sister is married and lives on her own.
  • on one's own time
    в свободное время
    My boss told me to make my personal phone calls on my own time but not at work.
  • on one's person
    (иметь) при себе
    The drug dealer had a certain amount of heroin on his person when he was arrested.
  • on one's shoulders
    чья-либо ответственность
    Paul prefers to put the failure of his undertakings on someone else's shoulders.
  • on one's toes
    быть в состоянии активности
    Our lecturer keeps the students on their toes by giving them a lot of interesting information.
  • on order
    (доставка) по заказу
    The department store has a lot of things on order.
  • on par with (someone or something)
    быть на равнее с кем-либо \ чем-либо
    The travel agencies in London are on par with the best ones in New York.
  • on pins and needles
    быть как на иголках, нервничать
    Sofia has been on pins and needles all day; she is very worried about her son.
  • on probation
    быть условно освобождённым, находиться под присмотром полиции
    The teenagers were on probation for robbing a cigarette store.
  • on purpose
    с умыслом, намеренно
    Somebody must have left the door unlocked on purpose.
  • on record
    официально зарегистрированный
    Nobody knows for sure when the famous artist was born, but the date of his death is on record.
  • on sale
    в продаже (часто по сниженной цене)
    There were a lot of swim suits on sale.
  • on schedule
    по расписанию
    The train was supposed to arrive on schedule, but it was late.
  • on second thought
    изменять решение, "ещё раз подумав"
    On second thought Jack decided not to join the army.