Идиомы на букву O

  • on the lookout for (someone or something)
    зорко смотреть, следить за кем-либо или чем-либо
    Felix collected stamps and was always on the lookout for new ones.
  • on the loose
    на свободе
    The crocodile, which had escaped from the circus, was on the loose for two weeks.
  • on the make
    стараться получить выгоду (часто незаконно)
    Joe is on the make, trying to make a lot of money illegally.
  • on the market
    быть в продаже, быть выставленным на продажу
    I have been looking for swim suits which may be on the market already.
  • on the mend
    выздоравливать, поправляться
    Jenny had the flu, but she is now on the mend.
  • on the money
    как раз нужная сумма \место \ время \ идея
    Mark was on the money when he went to purchase textbooks.
  • on the move
    в движении, в перемещении (с одного места на другое)
    Pam is traveling in Western Africa; she has been on the move for a few weeks now.
  • on the nose
    точно в назначенное время или место
    We agreed to meet outside the movie theater at six and I arrived on the nose.
  • on the off chance
    на всякий случай
    I went fishing last Sunday and took a spare fishing rod on the off-chance.
  • on the one hand
    с одной стороны
    Jim has a very contradictory nature. On the one hand he is ambitious on the other hand he is shy.
  • on the other hand
    с другой стороны
    David is not very intelligent, but on the other hand he is the most hard-working guy I have ever met.
  • on the point of (doing something)
    собираться делать что-либо
    We were on the point of leaving the house when all of a sudden it started to rain.
  • on the QT
    тайно, "втихаря", украдкой
    Though they thought Monte Carlo to be a vulgar place, they often went there on the QT.
  • on the right track
    на верном пути
    Jack was on the right track in his search for a good rifle.
  • on the road
    ездить, путешествовать (особенно для коммивояжёров или актёров)
    My friend is a traveling salesman and is often on the road.
  • on the rocks
    проблемные отношения, разваливающийся брак
    Mr. Noodle's business and his marriage were both on the rocks.
  • on the ropes
    (быть) в отчаянном положении, на грани поражения
    Their swimming team was on the ropes, and it seemed impossible for them to win the competition.
  • on the same page
    мыслить одинаково
    My wife and I, we both were on the same page about buying a new house.
  • on the same wavelength
    мыслить одинаково, "быть на одной волне"
    Jack and John were on the same wavelength, they both had the same opinions about their boss.
  • on the sly
    тайком, украдкой
    Jill left the house on the sly; she didn't want anybody to see her.
  • on the spot
    быть в трудной или неловкой ситуации
    The politician was put on the spot when the reporter asked him about the taxes.
  • on the spur of the moment
    не раздумывая, сразу же, под влиянием минуты
    On the spur of the moment Ben could find no better expression for his feelings than a grunt.
  • on the strength of (something)
    в силу чего-либо, на основании чего-либо
    She considerably improved her relations with her neighbors on the strength of her kind attitude to them.
  • on the take
    брать взятки
    I don't believe that Tom Sanders is on the take, he looks such an honest guy.
  • on the tip of one's tongue
    вертится на языке (не припомню)
    I know his name; it's on the tip of my tongue, but I can't quite remember it at the moment.
  • on the trail/track of (someone or something)
    идти по следу кого-либо, разыскивать что-либо
    The hunters were on the trail of the deer.
  • on the up and up/on the up-and-up
    преуспевать в жизни, "быть на подъёме"
    "I see you are on the up and up; you must be making very good progress in life."
  • on the verge of (doing something)
    на грани, на краю чего-либо
    I was on the verge of telling her about my problem, but then I changed my mind.
  • on the wagon
    бросить пить, "завязать"
    My uncle is on the wagon, he has stopped drinking alcohol.
  • on the warpath
    быть очень злым, доставлять неприятности
    "Don't disturb your father, children. He is on the warpath today; you'd better stay out of his way."
  • on the way (somewhere)
    по пути куда-либо
    On the way to the house my dog attacked a cat and worried a dog twice as big as he.
  • on the whole
    в целом
    "How do you like this film on the whole?"
  • on the wrong track
    иметь неправильное представление или неверную линию поведения
    "I am sure you are on the wrong tack; you may have misunderstood their intentions."
  • on thin ice
    (быть) в рискованной ситуации, "идти по тонкому льду"
    The girl was on thin ice as she continued to miss classes at the university.
  • on time
    во время, по расписанию
    Though our flight in San Francisco was delayed, we arrived in Chicago on time.